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Apr 26, 2017hi Matt thank u for tossing my bottle back :) didn't u put it back on an icepan??
Apr 26, 2017forgot to say congrats, I was excited to toss it hope u were too as u found it

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TossedApril 11, 2017
NameCorinne Kieley
LocationKelligrews, CBSouth NL Canada little sand but mostly rock, some as big as a Car
FromSt. John's, NL
Why Here?Live here
Message: April 11/17 Conception Bay South,Newfoundland Canada was packed with ice, I tossed this on an Ice pan to see how far it would travel. When found pls register on the website and toss it back into the water thank you
FoundApril 25, 2017
LocationMain Beach Holyrood
Message: Found on the main beach located in Holyrood, Newfoundland after a week of northerly winds. Tossed back on April 26, 2017 during a southerly wind.