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Bottle #, Name, Tossed or Found

Bottle 12355

was Tossed by Alex Martin From a ship

Bottle 12294

was Tossed by Rick Stewart Cavendish Beach, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada

Bottle 9476

was Tossed by Jaxon Vardy Bonavista NL Canada

Bottle 10603

was Found by Paige Pittmam Dover NL

Bottle 12100

was Tossed by Brenda And Donna Welshman St.Philips

Bottle 10695

was Tossed by The J Macks Brigus Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 6073

was Tossed by Joan Cooper Meaford

Bottle 11157

was Found by Kurt Payne Sandy point

Bottle 9305

was Tossed by Tina West Sanctuary White Sands Cuba

Bottle 11950

was Tossed by Hank Muskoka River

Bottle 12293

was Tossed by April Gerbrandt Oak Harbor, WA, USA

Bottle 6016

was Tossed by Steve Chevarie Off the coast of Pennsylvania on Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas on March 9, 2024

Bottle 10696

was Found by Wallace Hicks Twillingate

Bottle 10489

was Tossed by Melissa Jordan Cape Spear, Newfoundland

Bottle 10722

was Tossed by Brianna Vaters Freshwater beach ,Nl

Bottle 9130

was Tossed by Eloise White Twillingate

Bottle 9290

was Tossed by Andrew Petty harbour

Bottle 9293

was Tossed by Jenna Petty Harbour

Bottle 12308

was Tossed by Laura Crummey Marina in Portugal Cove St. Phillips, NL

Bottle 9154

was Tossed by Mary Perry Pemaquid point me

Bottle 12352

was Tossed by Lois Whelan St. John’s, NL

Bottle 6927

was Tossed by Greg Priddle Crockers cove

Bottle 12307

was Tossed by Carolyn Ellis Funk Isle Bank, Newfoundland, Canada (shrimp grounds)

Bottle 12299

was Tossed by Scott, Katie Cape Spear, NL

Bottle 12314

was Tossed by Deborah Wall Between Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada & North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 12354

was Tossed by Kurt Payne Fishing point

Bottle 10891

was Tossed by Carolanne Twillingate

Bottle 10696

was Tossed by Deborah Twillingate nl

Bottle 10045

was Found by Dan Leights Lally Cove, NL

Bottle 11966

was Tossed by Michaella Mancini St. John's

Bottle 9159

was Tossed by Brett From the ferry Atlantic Vision

Bottle 9656

was Tossed by Skyla & Phoenix The drook newfoundland

Bottle 10714

was Tossed by Thomas Freake Middle Cove Beach, Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 10919

was Tossed by Noah Freake Middle Cove Beach, Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 10700

was Tossed by Emily Middle Cove Beach

Bottle 9313

was Tossed by Jake Denief, Sofia Tomaino, Massimo Tomaino St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 10490

was Found by Siobhan Boxey Newfoundland

Bottle 10675

was Tossed by Laura Bulls Bay,NL

Bottle 10920

was Tossed by Jaxon Miller Thorburn lake

Bottle 10711

was Tossed by Alissa Suddaby Planet earth, Newfoundland

Bottle 12353

was Tossed by Roan Waddenzee

Bottle 10045

was Tossed by Henebury Family Allan’s Island Causeway Lamaline, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 12343

was Tossed by Robyn Soames Cape Spear Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 11955

was Tossed by Blake And Everleigh Moses point, Bonavista, Newfoundland

Bottle 9289

was Tossed by Keon Bauline

Bottle 3399

was Tossed by Dino Abbott Musgrave Harbour Beach, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 10676

was Tossed by Kristen Blundon Topsail Beach, CBS, NL, Canada

Bottle 9274

was Tossed by Nicole Reid Topsail Beach, CBS, NL, Canada

Bottle 9204

was Tossed by Jodi Wood Kelly's Island, CBS, Newfoundland

Bottle 11976

was Tossed by Alise & Alex Herring Neck Fish Plant

Bottle 9295

was Tossed by Annabelle Maher Ocean

Bottle 11160

was Tossed by Anthony Butt Alicia's cove (owned land)

Bottle 9175

was Tossed by Emilee A. Bethany Beach, Delaware

Bottle 10735

was Tossed by Carter Doherty Cottlesville, NL

Bottle 9105

was Tossed by Ella Port Kirwan hiking trail

Bottle 3204

was Tossed by Mary Beth Holmes Duntulm Castle, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Bottle 11155

was Tossed by Antle Family Conception Bay South, Newfoundland

Bottle 9279

was Tossed by Olivia Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland

Bottle 9280

was Tossed by Vern Port Aux Basque NL

Bottle 10603

was Tossed by Tony Bycraft Twillingate Newfoundland

Bottle 7276

was Found by Eva Wolfe Island, Nova Scotia

Bottle 9186

was Tossed by Alexander Gylland-noftall CBS NFLD

Bottle 9287

was Tossed by Charlie Masset,bc

Bottle 9281

was Tossed by Ava Masset BC

Bottle 9101

was Tossed by Baxter St George Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 10600

was Tossed by Stephanie Mynen Friday Bay Cottages

Bottle 10198

was Tossed by Hunter Collins Andersons Cove Beach, Dildo, Newfoundland

Bottle 11176

was Tossed by Jill Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 10490

was Tossed by Bonnie Maher We are tossing this Message in a Bottle off the ferry from Fortune, NL to St. Pierre et Miquelon

Bottle 11156

was Tossed by Melissa Loeppgy Exploit River, Bishop Falls Newfoundland

Bottle 11157

was Tossed by Kim Dahmer Gore park Grandfalls-Windsor Newfoundland

Bottle 11167

was Tossed by Henry Cheticamp

Bottle 60071

was Tossed by Vince Marsh Hickman's Harbour

Bottle 9993

was Found by Brenda Whynot Spaniards bay

Bottle 9993

was Tossed by Nygel Weishar St John's Newfoundland

Bottle 9995

was Tossed by Melissa Hurley St John's Newfoundland

Bottle 9315

was Tossed by Haley Marie St Augustine Beach Pier, Florida

Bottle 9206

was Tossed by Katie Macdonald Newfoundland Ferry

Bottle 9205

was Tossed by Katie Macdonald Newfoundland Ferry

Bottle 10468

was Tossed by Brandon R Torbay, Newfoundland

Bottle 9285

was Tossed by Wanda Reid Holyrood , NL

Bottle 6730

was Tossed by April Carey Ferryland Lighthouse, Ferryland, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 9299

was Tossed by Justin Paul Ferryland NL

Bottle 40061

was Tossed by Grant Young St. Philips

Bottle 9258

was Tossed by Trish Culley Quebec City

Bottle 40064

was Tossed by Downhome Test Topsail Beach

Bottle 60070

was Found by Emma Blamires Carsaig beach, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Bottle 60070

was Tossed by Grant Young Conception Bay, Newfoundland, Canada while on my boat.

Bottle 9277

was Tossed by Kathy Lee Signal Hill

Bottle 5859

was Tossed by Mike Nichols Bora Bora

Bottle 9366

was Found by Ken Roberts Creek

Bottle 10487

was Tossed by Jennifer Morgan Cape Spear, Newfoundland

Bottle 9312

was Tossed by Arwyn Marshall-jeenes Bauline, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 9503

was Tossed by Harley And Darcy Elliott Bluff Head Cove, Twillingate, NL, Canada

Bottle 11975

was Tossed by Maureen Broley Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 14000

was Found by Grant St. John’s, Newfoundland

Bottle 14000

was Tossed by Grant Young Cape Spear

Bottle 5

was Found by Vincent Marsh Saint pierre

Bottle 5789

was Tossed by Juanita Draper Caribbean Sea

Bottle 2016

was Found by Wayne Pleasant Bay

Bottle 40010

was Tossed by Vincent Marsh Nova Scotia

Bottle 5

was Found by Vince Jones ocean

Bottle 9141

was Tossed by Nicole Deadman's Cove Beach

Bottle 9109

was Tossed by Samantha Aspen cove Newfoundland and Labrador Canada

Bottle 11981

was Tossed by Kaleb Miller Northern Bay, NL Canada

Bottle 5

was Found by Michelle Marsh Iceland

Bottle 11965

was Tossed by Amy Ellis Cape John, NS Canada

Bottle 5

was Found by Grant Young Iceland

Bottle 5

was Tossed by Vince March St. John's Harbour

Bottle 2016

was Tossed by Llewellyn Newfoundland

Bottle 10409

was Tossed by Mona Topsoil beach Newfoundland

Bottle 10425

was Tossed by Sylvia Dawe Topsoil beach Newfoundland

Bottle 10421

was Tossed by Liam St. John's, NL

Bottle 10422

was Tossed by Jonah St. John's, NL

Bottle 9896

was Tossed by Mya & Blake Port aux Basques, NL. The small cove behind the Town Hall. Thrown from our stage :)

Bottle 10371

was Tossed by Annabel From a ferry in the aegean sea Between Greek island Kos and Bodrum Turkey

Bottle 2763

was Tossed by Carly Portugal Cove-St. Phillips, NL Canada

Bottle 8522

was Tossed by Roman And Maren Thorne Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 7414

was Tossed by Joel Collins St.johns ,Newfoundland,Canada

Bottle 2418

was Found by Zoey twillingate NL

Bottle 2419

was Tossed by Brooklyn/zoey Thrown overboard in Twillingate NL on a whale watching boat

Bottle 10420

was Tossed by Annie And Chris Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 10495

was Tossed by Amelia & Claire Rowe Triton, Newfoundland Canada AOJ 1V0

Bottle 10398

was Tossed by Julie Ross Conceptions bay South

Bottle 10419

was Tossed by Kimberly And Rocky Arches Provincial Park, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 9489

was Tossed by Colby Thrown from a fishing boat off the shore of petty harbour newfoundland canada by Colby (12 years old)

Bottle 10059

was Tossed by Lisa Penney Trepassey, Newfoundland. Thrown into the Atlantic Ocean IN Trepassey by my Father in Law, Gabriel Penney. On August 20th 2016.

Bottle 9590

was Tossed by Jr Dullah Banting memorial park beach in Musgrave Harbour Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 10401

was Tossed by Ashtynn Cairney East side of Newfoundland. Details to be confirmed (haven't tossed it yet)

Bottle 10296

was Tossed by Heather Angell French Creek near Qualicum Beach

Bottle 8513

was Tossed by Dylan Haines My family and I were visiting Ramea, NL this summer and I castaway my bottle while travelling on the ferry from Ramea to Burgeo.

Bottle 5852

was Tossed by Carrie Cape Spear

Bottle 10308

was Tossed by June Trenton, ontario

Bottle 10317

was Tossed by Liam Bay bulls NFLD via Trepassey NFLD via Hillsburgh, Ontario

Bottle 10032

was Tossed by Annalea/isabel We've sent our bottle from Pope's Hr, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland ,Canada

Bottle 2505

was Tossed by Trina Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Bottle 10181

was Tossed by Heidi Nanaimo

Bottle 2416

was Tossed by Lucas Twillingate, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 9215

was Tossed by Brooklyn Gilbert’s cove lighthouse

Bottle 10373

was Tossed by William Stephens King's Cove, NL

Bottle 8543

was Tossed by Jeremy Skelton Tray town bonavista bay newfoundland canada from the town of glovertown

Bottle 6214

was Found by Paige Istvan And Leif Chance Cove, NL

Bottle 10520

was Tossed by Ella Bungay Grand Bank Newfoundland

Bottle 9461

was Tossed by Megan Hibbs King's Cove, Newfoundland.

Bottle 10305

was Tossed by Grace Snow Middle Cove, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 10356

was Tossed by Lauren St. George’s Newfoundland

Bottle 10408

was Tossed by Lucas St. George’s Newfoundland

Bottle 8556

was Tossed by Ben Walker Port Hardy, BC

Bottle 9730

was Found by Dorian, Dragana Maravic Spiddal, Co. Galway Ireland

Bottle 3756

was Tossed by Tyler Jacobs-davis Casting off of a beach along the coast of the Pacific Ocean on Vancouver Island

Bottle 10359

was Tossed by Kayla Torbay Beach. Newfoundland

Bottle 3744

was Tossed by Harmony I threw it off a ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver.

Bottle 9592

was Tossed by Luca & Matteo Out on the Atlantic Ocean while on a fishing boat close to Calvert, Newfoundland.

Bottle 10506

was Tossed by Rain Cape Spear, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 9851

was Tossed by Allie Middle Cove Beach

Bottle 2411

was Tossed by Reece Roberts Cape spear Newfoundland Canada, most easterly point of north America.

Bottle 5358

was Tossed by Shaylynn Nickerson Cape Sable Island , Nova Scotia. But my dad took it fishing with him and threw it over board on George’s bank

Bottle 10521

was Tossed by Tat Peterview point, NL

Bottle 9802

was Found by Ainsley Decker Salvage

Bottle 9802

was Tossed by Kyra Quinton We casted this out in a small canadian community called Salvage on the Eastport peninsula in Newfoundland.

Bottle 5055

was Tossed by Beth Sweetwam somewhere along the shore of Iceland - have not chosen the actual place yet.

Bottle 10147

was Found by Mike Piper Lagoon beach, Nanaimo

Bottle 10147

was Found by David Newcastle Island, Nanaimo, BC

Bottle 10147

was Found by David Newcastle Island, Nanaimo, BC

Bottle 8545

was Found by Pascale Plage du Grand Crohot 33950 Lège Cap Ferret FRANCE

Bottle 10201

was Tossed by Rebekah Seip Nanaimo B.C, Canada.

Bottle 9604

was Tossed by Georgia Gosse The bottle was tossed off the ship several hundreds miles North East of the island of Newfoundland.

Bottle 3460

was Tossed by Heidi faltrock, NL, Canada

Bottle 5028

was Tossed by Michelle caya coco hotel playa coco

Bottle 9568

was Found by Jake Groom Porthleven Beach

Bottle 9515

was Tossed by Aretha On Miami Beach, Florida

Bottle 9905

was Tossed by Jackson And Brody White Signal Hill, St. John's, NL

Bottle 3845

was Found by Debbie Bright Egmont Bay, PEI

Bottle 3845

was Found by Debbie Bright Egmont Bay, PEI

Bottle 9473

was Tossed by Michael North Atlantic Ocean 51.26'05.46"N 26.57'49.67"W

Bottle 10046

was Tossed by Mara cape speare, newfoundland

Bottle 8367

was Tossed by Daniel C Topsail beach on the island of newfound land in Canada 🇨🇦

Bottle 8625

was Tossed by Gregory Topsail beach Newfoundland

Bottle 2426

was Tossed by Brianna Twillingate adventure tours wharf in Twillingate

Bottle 6982

was Found by Tiffany Meekins Avon,NC 27915

Bottle 6982

was Found by The Williamson Family Avon, NC

Bottle 10104

was Tossed by Layla Ryan Kingwell, NL

Bottle 10144

was Tossed by Ava Ryan Kingwell, NL

Bottle 6344

was Found by Tony Qeulla PEVEK

Bottle 5455

was Tossed by Baiden Canoe Cove Beach, PEI

Bottle 9618

was Tossed by Taylor Pike I live in St. John's Newfoundland Canada and we have dropped our bottle into the North Atlantic in hope that it can reach England and find a new friend. Newfoundland is an island on the East coast of

Bottle 9745

was Tossed by Ed And Michelle Channel Port Aux Basques, NL

Bottle 9238

was Tossed by Erica St. John's, Newfoundland

Bottle 10269

was Found by Andrea Morrison Portage park, Esquimalt, B.C.

Bottle 9859

was Tossed by Avery Atlantic ocean Bristols Hope, NL

Bottle 9379

was Tossed by Matthew Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, Canada - from a whale watching tour boat

Bottle 9600

was Tossed by Sophie Skinner Casted from a longliner in the seas around d change islands NL canada

Bottle 9701

was Tossed by Gayle Brule Beach, near tatamagouche

Bottle 10011

was Tossed by Donna Vardy Near Pope's Hr. Trinity Bay Newfoundland canada

Bottle 9760

was Found by Trevor Graham 3 fathem harbour ns

Bottle 9712

was Tossed by Nicholas Seaforth, Nova Scotia

Bottle 9760

was Tossed by Logan Seaforth, Nova Scotia

Bottle 2490

was Tossed by Dakota Ming’s Bight. Small town of 300 in Newfoundland, Canada I am visiting family. We live in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada

Bottle 9765

was Tossed by Aleaha & Aiden Blancharf Bonne Bay Area. Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland.

Bottle 10008

was Tossed by Judy Faulhafer Channel-Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 6696

was Found by Cheyenne Cote Codroy Valley, Newfoundland

Bottle 9758

was Tossed by Courtney Oldford And Chelsey Oldford Cape Spear Lighthouse, St. John's Newfoundland.

Bottle 6967

was Tossed by Maguire Pambrun Cape Spare Newfoundland Labrador. It is the most easterly point in North America.

Bottle 9757

was Tossed by Feather & Dad St.vincents beach Newfoundland

Bottle 10278

was Tossed by Cristina Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

Bottle 3865

was Found by Liam Rushworth Thornbury Peir in The Town Of the Blue Moutains

Bottle 9909

was Tossed by Ryder Pittman Rocky Harbour Fishplant

Bottle 3865

was Tossed by Caroline Michalski Thornbury Ontario Canada

Bottle 6466

was Tossed by Keith Fitpzpatrick I am from labrador City but i will be sending the bottle from the Avalon peninsula in Newoundland

Bottle 10036

was Tossed by Kendall Lyver Newfoundland

Bottle 9443

was Tossed by Jessie Price Bay Bulls, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Bottle 9940

was Tossed by Bibianna Pooon St. John's, Newfoundland

Bottle 9721

was Tossed by Connie Fillier Near Exploit’s and Twillingate in Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Bottle 9776

was Tossed by Alyssa Doucette Nova Scotia.

Bottle 9922

was Tossed by Abbey Slade Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 9999

was Tossed by Jennifer Hamilton Bay Bulls, NFLD, Canada

Bottle 10015

was Tossed by Donna Dennison Witless Bay, St. John's NL

Bottle 10016

was Tossed by Sharda Bay Bulls, Newfoundland. Canada

Bottle 10018

was Tossed by Kristi Graham Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

Bottle 10148

was Tossed by Daniel And Laura Vancouver Island BC, Nanaimo, Living Forest Campground oceanside

Bottle 10041

was Tossed by Terri Rigden Harbour Breton Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 9603

was Found by Coenen Bay bulls, NL

Bottle 9996

was Tossed by Colin Heatherton, Newfoundland while cod jigging on July 2nd

Bottle 9603

was Tossed by Ana Andrielle Tinkers Point, Tors Cove, Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 6485

was Found by Denzil Bude North Cornwall UK

Bottle 6485

was Found by Denzil Bude North Cornwall UK

Bottle 9733

was Tossed by Isabella And Madilyn Foote Woody Island, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 6693

was Tossed by Linda Hickey Topsail Beach, Conception Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 9659

was Tossed by Hubert Duport plage YONS LIT ET MIXE 40 FRANCE

Bottle 9994

was Tossed by Nola Snyder Petty Harbor Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 9522

was Tossed by Kimberley Hart Cape Spear,located on the Avalon Peninsula near St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 4026

was Tossed by Conrad Kamoa point on the big island of hawaii

Bottle 7125

was Found by Amy Satellite Beach Florida

Bottle 9723

was Tossed by Fhinel Lee cast away on April 30, 2018 during a catamaran ride nearby Cayo Blanco, Cuba

Bottle 9363

was Tossed by Branod Barry Squires Fishing boat off the coast of Newfound land Canada, around Petty Harbour. Why this location: Because I live in Newfoundland and I think the bottle will have a better chance of finding some one if lu

Bottle 4134

was Found by Evan Campbell river bc, Canada

Bottle 9662

was Found by Mia And Fabienne France

Bottle 8484

was Tossed by Jared Knox Petty harbour

Bottle 10100

was Tossed by Tracey Harbour Grace Newfoundland

Bottle 10078

was Tossed by Cole Kuroaka Corner Brook Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 2342

was Tossed by Anna Newfoundland East Coast, Canada

Bottle 9367

was Tossed by Quanalee I castaway my bottle out Fromm nan and pops cottage of the cove of Lawrence harbour Newfoundland!

Bottle 9481

was Tossed by Shanalee Blake I castaway my bottle just out from my nan and pops cottage just of from Lawrences harbour!

Bottle 10220

was Found by Briand Paolo Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Bottle 9847

was Tossed by Charlei St.John’s Newfoundland

Bottle 9853

was Tossed by Paul A Sacuta hebron oil field east coast of Newfoundland& Labrador Canada

Bottle 9524

was Tossed by Amelia Penney The Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco California

Bottle 5301

was Found by

Bottle 9446

was Tossed by Rob Ladouceur IN THE BAHAMAS

Bottle 9915

was Tossed by Rob Ladouceur NEAR BAHAMAS

Bottle 9557

was Tossed by Lucy Finn st.johns newfoundland, canada

Bottle 9911

was Tossed by Neil Whelan Nassau Bahamas

Bottle 3686

was Tossed by Danielle El tunco, El Salvador

Bottle 2664

was Found by Marie Fogo Island

Bottle 2664

was Found by Marie Fogo Island

Bottle 6701

was Tossed by Megan Noseworthy Now onyx resort punta cana, Dominican Republic

Bottle 10245

was Tossed by King Lynch Placentia Bay Newfoundland

Bottle 9351

was Tossed by Katie & Pat St.johns Harbour Newfoundland

Bottle 9899

was Tossed by Stephanie Mchugh Conception Bay South, NL, Canada

Bottle 9901

was Found by Paula Purdy on the beach not far from Livingston's Cove, NS

Bottle 9901

was Found by Paula Purdy on the beach not far from Livingston's Cove, NS

Bottle 9248

was Tossed by Robyn Penney St.Johns harbour

Bottle 9346

was Tossed by Laura Norris Point - boat tour

Bottle 6908

was Tossed by Sharon Antle Lewispotre, NL Canada

Bottle 9571

was Tossed by Briar Thomas Piper's Lagoon,Nanaimo

Bottle 9992

was Tossed by Emerson Thomas Piper's Lagoon, Nanaimo

Bottle 3213

was Tossed by Daphne /lloyd Pretty Blackhead near Cape Spear Newfoundland,Canada

Bottle 8547

was Tossed by Crystal Martin Trinity bay is surrounded by fishing villages. I used to fish in this bay myself growing up until the cod moratorium of 1992, but I still fish there during the food fishery. There are many communi

Bottle 8589

was Found by Corey Rencontra west

Bottle 6982

was Tossed by Karla Osmond Middle Sackville Nova Scotia

Bottle 6993

was Tossed by Ross Osmond Middle Sackville, NS Canada

Bottle 9369

was Found by Dave Jenson Victoria BC

Bottle 9338

was Tossed by Nolan Drover Upper Island Cove Newfoundland

Bottle 9465

was Tossed by Emily Mclean The Atlantic Vision (ferry from Argentia NL, to the main land.)

Bottle 9459

was Tossed by Nadine Twillingate, NL

Bottle 9790

was Tossed by Steven Gear Bay bulls beach

Bottle 9561

was Tossed by Brooke Holloway Thrown off ferry between Port au basque NL and North Sidney NS

Bottle 9566

was Tossed by Lucas Beyea St Andrews by the sea NB Canada is a picturesque historic village on the coast of the Bay of Fundy. The highest tides in the world take place in the Bay of Fundy.

Bottle 9837

was Tossed by Jade Craig North shore PEI, Canada

Bottle 8403

was Tossed by Cecilia Off Round Harbour, Trinity Bay, NFLD

Bottle 10209

was Tossed by Rodney I threw bottle into Helsinki harbour near the Raddison Blu hotel. I was visiting Finland .

Bottle 9356

was Tossed by Rick Five islands Nova Scotia Canada

Bottle 9240

was Found by Dan Norman Beach near SaundersCove,Nl

Bottle 9422

was Tossed by Spratliotts St. Anthony, Newfoundland, Canada; off the rocks at the end of the road!!

Bottle 9401

was Tossed by Sheldon Barrett Newfoundland

Bottle 9818

was Tossed by Kelsey Samms Harbour Grace

Bottle 3978

was Tossed by Chantal Salmon Beach, Ucluelet, BC, Canada

Bottle 9414

was Tossed by Skylah Profit Nanaimo BC, Pacific Ocean

Bottle 9891

was Tossed by Marley Newfoundland Labrador Mv Atlantic Vision

Bottle 9321

was Tossed by Payton And Brooke Marine Atlantic Dock in North Sydney Cape Breton

Bottle 9559

was Tossed by Dane Webb Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada BC Ferry travelling from Duke Point, Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver, BC

Bottle 10202

was Tossed by Janis Fitzpatrick Hopeall, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 9366

was Found by Ken Bayne Roberts Creek

Bottle 9390

was Found by Robert Armitage NAS Whidbey Island WA

Bottle 9647

was Tossed by Kevin Holyrood, NL

Bottle 5148

was Found by Megan Avery Deer harbour

Bottle 8374

was Tossed by Joanne Bay Bulls St. John's Newfoundland

Bottle 9366

was Tossed by Joshua Beck I threw it from a ferry to Vancouver.

Bottle 9788

was Tossed by Nick Galiano Island B.C. Canada

Bottle 6899

was Found by Molly Bawn Whale And Puffin Tours Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Bottle 9327

was Tossed by Justine Chapeau Quebec

Bottle 9544

was Tossed by Daniel Slade Harbour grace nl

Bottle 9805

was Tossed by Molly Howard I dropped my bottle off my Uncle's boat while on holiday in Nova Scotia, Canada in the Northumberland Straight.

Bottle 9860

was Tossed by Amelia Snyder I dropped my bottle off my Uncle's boat while I was on holiday in Nova Scotia with all my cousins in the Northumberland Straight.

Bottle 9892

was Tossed by Hunter Bruce I dropped my bottle off my dad's boat while at my cottage in Chance Harbour, Nova Scotia off the Northumberland Straight with all my cousins!

Bottle 9901

was Tossed by Martha Howard I dropped it off my Uncle's boat while I was on holiday in Nova Scotia, Canada off the Northumberland Straight.

Bottle 9963

was Tossed by Phoebe Bruce I dropped my bottle off my dad's boat in the Northumberland Straight.

Bottle 9968

was Tossed by Hannah Howard I dropped my bottle off my Uncle's boat while on holiday in Nova Scotia, Canada in the Northumberland Straight.

Bottle 9973

was Tossed by Haley Snyder I dropped my bottle off my Uncle's boat while on holiday in Nova Scotia, Canada with all my cousins in the Northumberland Straight.

Bottle 9977

was Tossed by Oliver Bruce I dropped my bottle into the North Humberland Straight on August 7th, off my dad's boat.

Bottle 5148

was Tossed by Claire Parsons Bellevue Beach Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 9231

was Tossed by Joey Frampton Castaway off the Marine Atlantic boat MV Highlanders halfway between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

Bottle 9362

was Tossed by Dave/roy Boswarlos nl

Bottle 9424

was Tossed by Bailey NL, Canada Twillingate The GPS coordinates:(49.599007, -54.696273)

Bottle 8589

was Found by Brett Farrell Mouth of Morgans Arm Brook, Bay d'Espoir

Bottle 9370

was Found by Theresa And Jeff Rocky Bay, NE area of San Juan Island, WA

Bottle 5214

was Tossed by Morgan Bell outside of Charlottetown harbour

Bottle 6679

was Tossed by Curt Mattioli St johns newfoundland

Bottle 9531

was Tossed by Hallie Harrow straight connecting Canada and Washington

Bottle 6925

was Tossed by Roach-burns Family Petty Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 9365

was Tossed by Cavelle Rose My 9 year old twins dropped this bottle off Bay Bulls Island Trinity Bay, Newfoundland

Bottle 9574

was Tossed by Shane Coughlan Bay Bulls, Newfoundland and threw out while whale watching and checking out the Humpbacks which there were plenty

Bottle 9595

was Tossed by Ethan Newfoundland topsail beach

Bottle 2844

was Found by Franchesca Hancock charlottetown Pei

Bottle 2844

was Tossed by Franchesca Hancock Into the ocean from Silverdale Newfoundland

Bottle 9681

was Tossed by Raphaelle Lancé en mer entre Cap d'Espoir et Gascon

Bottle 9823

was Tossed by Steve Charmley Bay Bull

Bottle 9888

was Tossed by Heather Mullins Lamanche, Newfoundland

Bottle 9369

was Tossed by Daniel Graf And Easton Hirsch Pacific Ocean, Victoria, British Columbia

Bottle 9240

was Tossed by Walsh/dewit Fam Norris Point, NFLD/ the Rock

Bottle 9347

was Tossed by Meghan Newfoundland

Bottle 9390

was Tossed by Bobbie Varhaug Castaway from the straight of Georgia from Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada 🇨🇦 ✌🏻❤️👣

Bottle 10090

was Tossed by Kevin Bennett Holyrood Hr, Conception Bay

Bottle 9236

was Tossed by Brenda St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Bottle 9575

was Tossed by Wanda Gamez About 1 hour travel by ferry from Argentia port

Bottle 9399

was Tossed by Curt My cast off location is midway between Nanaimo BC and Vancouver BC off of one of the fairies.

Bottle 8589

was Tossed by Ray Buffett Long Island, Hermitage Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 9429

was Tossed by Jeanette Cape spear Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 9242

was Tossed by Matt Roberts Brigus harbour.

Bottle 5223

was Found by Greg Hamilton Denman Island

Bottle 5790

was Tossed by Shaw Jacob Templeman, Newfoundland. Threw the bottle in the water just outside our uncle and aunt's house. They live close to the water.

Bottle 7073

was Tossed by Bonnie Pomeroy 18 July 2017...bottle cast away in the North Atlantic at 61*13.88'N 001*28.49'W

Bottle 10164

was Tossed by Eugene Mcgrath My castaway spot was in a place we call Black Point between Point Verde and Little Barasway, Placentia Bay. There are two old bunkers in this area that were used in Wartime.

Bottle 9370

was Tossed by Ayla & Nieve BC Ferry; Tsawwassen Route, Canada

Bottle 2644

was Tossed by Brittany Bottle cove, Newfoundland

Bottle 9224

was Tossed by Phoenix Canada, Newfoundland, St.Johns, On a boat, In the Atlantic Ocean

Bottle 5674

was Tossed by Chantal Tulum, Mexico.

Bottle 8542

was Tossed by Mark Simon Permanent residence is in Labrador city, Newfoundland and Labrador. Bout this bottle while visiting the island of Newfoundland. Cast this bottle away on the crossing of the Labrador straits, from the

Bottle 9419

was Tossed by Lisa,patty,claire BC Ferries car deck Nanaimo BC Canada

Bottle 10242

was Tossed by Marilyn Bay Bulls

Bottle 5223

was Tossed by Sasha Zorin Off the Komox ferry

Bottle 9641

was Tossed by Caden K Trinity Bay NL Just off Dildo Island

Bottle 6918

was Tossed by Annalea/isabel Pope's Hr

Bottle 9222

was Tossed by Hudson Rocky harbour in Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 10220

was Tossed by Erin Marinelli Newfoundland ferry to Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 10184

was Tossed by Damien Osbourne Birchy BayNewfoundland (Sandy Bottom)

Bottle 9568

was Tossed by Harry Flatrock

Bottle 8529

was Found by Allan Trinity East

Bottle 9223

was Tossed by Brayden Bolt My dad is a crab fisherman, who fishes outside St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. He sent the bottle away while for me while he was fishing. For you to find it.

Bottle 9250

was Tossed by Gerard Connors Iii harbour grace newfoundland, canada

Bottle 9843

was Tossed by Linda Hill Bays Bull, Newfoundland

Bottle 9234

was Tossed by Anne Marie Rocky Harbour Gros Morne National Park

Bottle 9381

was Tossed by Romeo Torbay Beach, Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 10211

was Found by Gary Hamilton Isle of Colonsay, Scotland

Bottle 2418

was Tossed by Tina Lodge Bonavista ,nl

Bottle 10211

was Tossed by Tracey Isle of Colonsay Scotland

Bottle 8509

was Tossed by Luke in the middle of the Atlantic ocean

Bottle 10146

was Found by Matt Main Beach Holyrood

Bottle 6270

was Found by Maurice Wright Sandaig Isle of Tiree Pa77 6xq

Bottle 9662

was Tossed by Jennifer Brown Some where in the Atlantic Ocean from a fishing boat of the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 10146

was Tossed by Corinne Kieley Kelligrews, CBSouth NL Canada little sand but mostly rock, some as big as a Car

Bottle 5219

was Tossed by Nahlia Off the ferry from Victoria on the way to Saltspring Island

Bottle 7083

was Tossed by Holly Newhook Veradero, Cuba. On the Barcelo Arenas Blancas Resort.

Bottle 4280

was Tossed by Felix Nanoose Bay B.C., Canada, Moorecroft Park

Bottle 9352

was Tossed by Heidi Carnival cruise ship

Bottle 9653

was Tossed by Addyson & Logan J CBS, NL, Canada

Bottle 10277

was Tossed by Grayce J CBS, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 10067

was Tossed by Ella Hedges Gambo, Newfoundland.

Bottle 6865

was Tossed by Gabe And Lucy Montauk Lighthouse, Long Island, NY

Bottle 6929

was Found by Kiel Horan Gordon Point, Victoria, BC

Bottle 5758

was Tossed by Jared Bend Thrown into the ocean off the cliffs near Flatrock, NL, Canada.

Bottle 9762

was Found by Debbie Roberts Connaigre Bay,NL

Bottle 9762

was Found by Debbie Roberts Connaigre Bay,NL

Bottle 9988

was Found by Amber Fraser river Prince George,BC

Bottle 8481

was Found by Antonio José Galway Irland

Bottle 8481

was Found by Antonio José Galway Irland

Bottle 8481

was Found by Antonio José Galway Irland

Bottle 6546

was Tossed by Emma galway bay salt hill

Bottle 6573

was Tossed by Taylor Off of St. John's, Newfoundland.

Bottle 3036

was Tossed by Zakary beach

Bottle 3244

was Tossed by Tamisha beach

Bottle 6929

was Tossed by Violet And Bryn Victoria, BC,Canada Thrown in off of Ten Mile Point.

Bottle 9988

was Tossed by Emma And Sydney Put in Fraser river in Prince George BC.

Bottle 3794

was Found by Linda And Cindy whitepoint beach ns

Bottle 8482

was Tossed by Corinne MacKenzie beach tofino bc Canada

Bottle 7016

was Found by St. Anne's School South East Bight

Bottle 6290

was Tossed by Madison And Brayden Southern Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 5339

was Found by Latitude 58,5367 Longitude 23,5768

Bottle 7276

was Tossed by Hillary :) Red Head Cove beach, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 4319

was Tossed by Ruby Santa Pola, Alicante, Spain. Eastern Coast of Spain

Bottle 6601

was Tossed by Matthew&jacob Ferryland Lighthouse in Newfoundland

Bottle 3794

was Tossed by Ashley Pearn During our one year wedding celebration at White Point Beach Resort just south of our home in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada we threw this bottle into the Atlantic Ocean at high tide.

Bottle 5771

was Tossed by Sophie T Jennette's Pier in Nags Head, North Carolina, USA. A Pier that goes 1000 feet into the ocean.

Bottle 6565

was Found by Hugo Steveston, British Columbia

Bottle 7020

was Tossed by Callie Happy Adventure, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 4385

was Tossed by Nicole Howe Sound off of Ferry going to Horseshoe Bay. On our way home from Tofino

Bottle 6533

was Tossed by Tristan Bélanger I have sent this from my grand-parents place in Prescott, ON. on the St-Lawrence.

Bottle 8479

was Tossed by Maureen Covey My bottle was thrown off a puffin sight seeing boat on sept 17 th, 2016. This was near tors cove Newfoundland. The captain of the boat said that sometimes the bottles turn up in Ireland or England in

Bottle 6545

was Found by Omar Dublin Port, Ireland

Bottle 8468

was Found by Peter Freshwater Bay

Bottle 8371

was Tossed by Sutherland Lisbon, Portugal

Bottle 8497

was Tossed by Mack White Codroy harbour

Bottle 9702

was Tossed by Charley Green Pierceys cove, Winterton, Newfoundland

Bottle 10223

was Tossed by Iain In the middle of Harbour Grace!

Bottle 10122

was Found by Danielle Wheeler Frenchman's Cove, BOI

Bottle 10122

was Found by Jillian Anderson Herring Neck NL

Bottle 10286

was Tossed by Rebecca Lawrence Twillingate,NL

Bottle 7244

was Tossed by Tanya St Johns Newfoundland

Bottle 8504

was Tossed by Mark Elmorsy Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 10284

was Tossed by Lisa St John's Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 8617

was Tossed by Pelly Somewhere in Newfoundland!

Bottle 3804

was Tossed by Jared Uclulet BC from a fishing boat.

Bottle 6995

was Tossed by Tyler Rochon Playa villa Samara,Samara,Costa Rica

Bottle 9649

was Tossed by Maeghan Coles Our bottle was released in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada! Actually cast away on Aug. 14 but I can't figure out how to change the date!

Bottle 9719

was Tossed by Shalyn Smith Hearts Content, Newfoundland, Canada Scenic coast near light house

Bottle 9624

was Found by Tiana Warner White Rock, BC

Bottle 8360

was Found by Johnny Holyrood

Bottle 6931

was Tossed by Christian Mccollough Marine Atlantic Ferry. Between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

Bottle 8607

was Tossed by Isabelle Gronning Ferry land picnic Ina lighthouse

Bottle 10281

was Tossed by Thomas Fox It was supposed to be cape spear but it was too windy and rocky so we asked some sailors on a US navy ship if they could throw it for us and they said they would. one of the guys is supposed to let me

Bottle 9624

was Found by Neena And Owen Shoal Bay, Lopez Island

Bottle 2172

was Tossed by Tonya Aboard the MV Highlander (Marine Atlantic) on route to North Sydney, NS from Port Aux Basque, NL

Bottle 6210

was Tossed by Jaime Wilson Confederation Bridge, Cape Jourimain, NB

Bottle 8569

was Tossed by Alexis & Karen Cape breton

Bottle 8468

was Tossed by Cole Vella Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland

Bottle 8626

was Tossed by Callan Vella Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland

Bottle 5401

was Found by Kevin Macleod Flat River, PEI

Bottle 5401

was Found by Kevin Macleod Flat River, PEI

Bottle 8326

was Tossed by Matt Kitagawa Ferryland, Newfoundland.

Bottle 6555

was Tossed by Delaura Conception Bay, NL, Canada

Bottle 8498

was Tossed by Phieff port aux basques

Bottle 8620

was Tossed by Joven Sanghera Departure bay beach. Nanaimo

Bottle 10229

was Tossed by Braydon Signal hill newfoundland

Bottle 6496

was Found by Harry Ferryland

Bottle 10269

was Found by The Campbells Craig Bay, Parksville

Bottle 6595

was Found by Andrey Rocky Harbour Newfoundland

Bottle 6911

was Tossed by Kevin F Kelly Petty Harbour Newfoundland Canada St. Johns Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 8441

was Tossed by Jacob M Combden Petty Harbour Newfoundland Canada St. Johns Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 6226

was Tossed by Alex Benson little tony's rock

Bottle 9695

was Tossed by The Matthews Family The Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada, off the ferry going between Channel-Port aux Basques, Newfoundland and North Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Bottle 10269

was Tossed by Janna Rathtrevor Beach, Parksville (CANADA)

Bottle 6554

was Tossed by Evan Roberts My nan threw the bottle off the ferry between Change Island NL and Farewell.

Bottle 9325

was Tossed by Jennifer Braiden Change islands NFLD

Bottle 9698

was Tossed by Bree Sirockman Whiteway Beach, NL while visiting Pop in Newfoundland August 7, 2016

Bottle 6759

was Found by Lisa Blooming Point Beach

Bottle 3935

was Tossed by Ethan Stockley Off the coast of twillingate

Bottle 7263

was Tossed by Kaylee Den Hartog Port Aux Basque

Bottle 8407

was Tossed by Fred castaway crossing the Cabot Strait, between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Bottle 8322

was Found by Harry Ferryland

Bottle 8523

was Tossed by Richard Schumacher On a BC Ferry heading to Horseshoe Bay,British Columbia in Canada

Bottle 9706

was Tossed by Pat Brawn Petty Harbour, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 7289

was Tossed by Jayla Stephenville, NL the beach has lots of rocks and seashells. NL is an island surrounded by water. Stephenville is very close to the water and is in the Bay St. George area.

Bottle 8322

was Tossed by Lukas Jonsson I threw my bottle in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ferryland Newfoundland

Bottle 6347

was Tossed by Joshua Villanueva Shoal Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 7016

was Tossed by Claudia The bottle was cast from a fishing vessel off of petite forte, Newfoundland and Labrador. Canada. We were jigging for cod fish and decided it was a good day to set out bottle free

Bottle 10107

was Tossed by Kim Andrews New Perlican, Newfoundland

Bottle 8525

was Found by Monique Voss Belmullet , ireland

Bottle 6271

was Tossed by Jacob Pack M.V. Blue Puttees travelling from North Sydney N.S. To Port Aux Basques NL

Bottle 6756

was Tossed by Émile Et Éloi Dufresne Magdelen Islands

Bottle 2319

was Tossed by Deborah Macdonald Originally Blanc Sablon Quebec. Found, then cast away from Old Fort Bay Quebec.

Bottle 6209

was Tossed by The Parrell & Linehan Family St. Philips Beach Portugal Cove.

Bottle 6759

was Tossed by Sierra Collins Covehead Bridge. Prince Edward Island

Bottle 7087

was Tossed by Jack Collins Covehead Bridge, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Bottle 6485

was Tossed by Lily We are at MacNeill's Brook in Cavendish, PEI, Canada.

Bottle 6814

was Tossed by Katelyn Parsons Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 8311

was Tossed by Addy And Piper Tafino, BC

Bottle 9354

was Tossed by Robbie Hann Twillingate NWI causeway, NL, Canada

Bottle 6262

was Tossed by Ethan May Cape Spear Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 6270

was Tossed by James Mccarthy Middle Cove Beach, Newfoundland

Bottle 8524

was Tossed by Elizabeth Mccarthy Middle Cove Beach, Newfoundland

Bottle 10243

was Tossed by Christina Nagy The pacific ocean in between Nanaimo and Vancouver BC Canada

Bottle 9703

was Tossed by Dr Ladies Plancentia Bay, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 6862

was Found by Clair Bussineau Borden Carleton PEI

Bottle 9335

was Tossed by Robyn Mccarthy Rock Harbour, NL

Bottle 8553

was Found by Jeremy Nippard Topsail Beach

Bottle 6273

was Tossed by Emersyn Aylward Halls Bay outside of Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland just past Gull Rock.

Bottle 7048

was Tossed by Grayson Aylward Halls Bay, Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland, just outside of Gull Rock (Black Rock according to Google Map :)

Bottle 8404

was Tossed by Dayna Hackett Underneath the confederation bridge on the NB side.

Bottle 8310

was Tossed by Wendy Eligh Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 8553

was Tossed by Jade Totten Topsail Beach Conception Bay South, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 9675

was Tossed by Christina Northcott Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 9684

was Tossed by Courtney Hirota Bay Bulls, NF

Bottle 9734

was Tossed by Nicole Amos Off the coast of Bays Bulls, Newfoundland. Was on a boat!

Bottle 10208

was Tossed by Carolyn Leslie I was on a whale watching tour off the shores of Bulls Bay, Newfoundland. We saw. So many Humpback whales that least 10!

Bottle 10232

was Tossed by Karen Cape Spear in St. John's Newfoundland. Dropped the bottle over the side of a boat while whale watching.

Bottle 9761

was Tossed by Aiden Hewitt Baytona nfld

Bottle 9836

was Tossed by Tracy Seldom, Fogo Island Newfoundland

Bottle 6281

was Tossed by Eric & Peter R. Set adrift from a boat in Notre Dame Bay at Western Head near Valley Pond, NL

Bottle 8564

was Tossed by Jackson Tomioka near Ferryland, NL

Bottle 9348

was Tossed by April And Chris Was thrown in the ocean in Trinity Newfoundland

Bottle 8456

was Tossed by Connor 56miles from bacaluie nl out in the Atlantic my dad is throwing this overboard for me. From a crab fishing boat

Bottle 6239

was Found by Samantha Prince Edward Island

Bottle 6781

was Found by Marc nanaimo,BC

Bottle 8536

was Tossed by Caroline Hale Nanaimo, British Columbia at Pipers Lagoon Park.

Bottle 6496

was Tossed by Joanne Butler Ferry land, Newfoundland

Bottle 8388

was Tossed by Adrian Easton Bottle was cast away by sailboat, 3 nautical miles southeast of Chebucto Head, outside Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia

Bottle 6860

was Tossed by Tanya Porteau Cove Provincial Park

Bottle 2769

was Found by Cynthia North Wallace, NS

Bottle 7111

was Tossed by Marilyn Trinity,Newfoundland

Bottle 3950

was Found by Reed Platenius Hesquiat point tofino be Canada

Bottle 6285

was Tossed by Danielle 150 miles off Newfoundland in the Atlantic Ocean Hi, I'm 8 yrs old and from Newfoundland, Canada. Please message me if you find my bottle

Bottle 7246

was Tossed by Kaitlyn 150 miles off Newfoundland in the Atlantic Ocean

Bottle 8563

was Tossed by Abigail 150 Miles off Newfoundland in the Atlantic Ocean

Bottle 10122

was Tossed by Brittany Mitchell Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada Released off an iceberg tour boat into the Atlantic :P

Bottle 6781

was Tossed by Ashlee Jansen Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Dropped it on the ferry to Protection Island.

Bottle 6504

was Tossed by Richard Pike In the middle of the Atlantic,thrown from a ship.

Bottle 6896

was Tossed by Christy Confrontation cove

Bottle 9866

was Found by Aaron Hayward Laurenceton NL

Bottle 5294

was Tossed by Tuomo Stendahl Merisatamanranta Helsinki Finland

Bottle 9828

was Tossed by Dina Bonavista, Newfoundland and Labrador. CA

Bottle 6899

was Tossed by Veronica Rose O'brien mobile ,southern shore, newfounland canada

Bottle 3950

was Found by Samantha Monckton Cox Bay, Tofino BC

Bottle 3950

was Tossed by Andrej Gluhovic Canada, BC, Vancouver Island, Tofino, long beach.

Bottle 6612

was Found by Fran Mazagón

Bottle 3856

was Found by Tim Burne Royal William Yard Marina, Plymouth Devon, UK

Bottle 6264

was Found by Aina East Side Molokai mile marker 21

Bottle 6637

was Tossed by Emma Martin Maddox Cove Beach. In petty harbour, Maddox cove, Newfoundland !

Bottle 6565

was Tossed by Carla Vancouver, BC, Canada

Bottle 6214

was Tossed by Luke Winsor Flat Rock

Bottle 9866

was Tossed by Morgan Penney & Joel Meeks Exploits River, Bishop's Falls, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 3617

was Found by Rylan Cordova Bay Beach

Bottle 3613

was Tossed by Raphael And Rubin Lee Willows beach, Victoria BC

Bottle 3617

was Tossed by Blueacura Cadboro Bay Gyro Park beach

Bottle 3924

was Tossed by Redhonda Willows Beach in Victoria BC, Canada

Bottle 4238

was Tossed by Gian Willows Beach, Victoria, BC, Canada

Bottle 4298

was Tossed by Sandro Willows Beach, Victoria, Canada

Bottle 3898

was Tossed by Mickalua Midway through the ferry ride in Nanaimo, at duke point to the tawassasin ferry. In the middle of the ocean half way through the ferry ride.

Bottle 7040

was Tossed by Cyril Obrien Atlantic Ocean approx 2oo mile off east coast of Newfoundland from a boat fishing out of a small community called Cape Broyle.

Bottle 8347

was Found by Gaby Centennial

Bottle 8347

was Found by Gaby Centennial

Bottle 6956

was Found by Ava &freya Hughes Heylor, Ronas Voe, Northmavine, Shetland, UK.

Bottle 3931

was Tossed by Patti Van Humbeck Terceira, Azore Islands, Portugal.

Bottle 3955

was Tossed by Louise Azores, Terceira island

Bottle 6499

was Tossed by Larissa Costello Conception Harbour, Newfoundland Canada (we are surrounded by ocean)

Bottle 6769

was Tossed by Isabella Costello Conception Harbour Newfoundland Canada (we are surrounded by ocean)

Bottle 2424

was Found by Robert At the research station on the beach in Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Bottle 8551

was Tossed by Alex Thomas St.John's NL,

Bottle 2732

was Tossed by Gabrielle & Kate Roche Branch, NL

Bottle 8347

was Tossed by Taylor We're throwing it off a BC ferry on our way to Vancouver through the Strait of Georgia

Bottle 3135

was Tossed by Heather Qualicum Beach, BC Canada

Bottle 6231

was Tossed by Dalene Sulis Deal Atlantic Ocean

Bottle 6612

was Found by Manuela E Bayona Port

Bottle 8496

was Tossed by Reg Gervais castaway at Bay de Verde, NL from the breakwater beside the fish plant

Bottle 6612

was Found by Bertrand Bayonne France

Bottle 6483

was Tossed by Melissa And Jeff Bellisland ferry, newfoundland

Bottle 5847

was Found by Neil & Sandi Newquay, Cornwall UK

Bottle 5080

was Tossed by Jennifer I am hoping that when i do throw the bottle it will be on a catamaran cruise while in vacation in Cayo Coco Cuba.

Bottle 6657

was Tossed by Mark Winterton, Newfoundland , Canada

Bottle 2128

was Tossed by Michael Drysdale And Jennifer Anderson Coast of Key West, Florida USA

Bottle 8384

was Found by Julian Skot Ritom Anak Simon Scott Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Bottle 8591

was Tossed by Phoenix 1000km off New York coast

Bottle 6344

was Found by Amidis Spain

Bottle 6344

was Found by Amidis Spain

Bottle 6264

was Tossed by Caleb Lahaina, Maui

Bottle 6892

was Tossed by Bev Tignish shore, Golf of St. Lawrence, PE

Bottle 8525

was Tossed by Rod Connolly Cape Spear Lighthouse. St John's Newfoundland & Labrador Canada

Bottle 3558

was Tossed by Marty Myrtle Beach SC. pier 14.

Bottle 8489

was Tossed by Brad Cabana Hickman's Harbour, NL Canada From our back deck straight into the ocean. The cast date below says from Manitoba... but it was cast in Hickman's Hr., no idea where Manitoba came from.

Bottle 5400

was Tossed by Shannon Wilson Mission bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Bottle 3388

was Tossed by Riley Byrne Cape Spear, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 5334

was Found by Pauline White White Sands.P.E.

Bottle 5334

was Found by Pauline White White Sands.P.E.

Bottle 7118

was Tossed by Cloe/annika Stockmann Thrown from the Ferry on the way from Nanaimo to Vancouver

Bottle 6772

was Tossed by Anna Lovell San juan islands, wa

Bottle 6736

was Found by Josiah indan river PEI

Bottle 6736

was Found by Josiah indan river PEI

Bottle 6532

was Found by Damien Barnes Woody Point, NL

Bottle 8557

was Tossed by Blake Canada cape spear Newfoundland st Johns

Bottle 6880

was Found by Ros & Steve Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK

Bottle 6880

was Found by Ros & Steve Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK

Bottle 6880

was Found by Ros & Steve Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK

Bottle 6880

was Found by Ros & Steve Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK

Bottle 4020

was Tossed by Kevin Tossed it off Bcferries coastal celebration 7pm sailing from Swartz bay to tsawwassen in the middle of the Salish Sea

Bottle 6586

was Tossed by Jameson Gladstone I was going to throw the bottle from my grandparents home in Renews, Newfoundland but my grandfather thought it might not get out of the harbour so he gave it to the Captain of a boat to throw for me.

Bottle 6344

was Found by Alexander

Bottle 6344

was Found by Alexander

Bottle 6773

was Found by Sean

Bottle 8494

was Tossed by Allison Chidley The Atlantic Ocean just south of Freeport, Bahamas from the cruise ship Carnival Sunshine.

Bottle 8400

was Found by Ashley Craswell Beach grove, charlottetown

Bottle 6736

was Tossed by Drew Elliott Loch Shore Beach, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Bottle 5353

was Found by Richard Rediker Newcomb Hollow Beach, Wellfleet, MA

Bottle 5691

was Tossed by Heather Snow Noggin Cove (Carmenville)

Bottle 8355

was Tossed by Tyler Caines Cape Spear, Newfoundland. The most easterly point in North America.

Bottle 5353

was Found by Kathy Bird Race Point, MA

Bottle 6923

was Tossed by Addison Hall On a cruise ship

Bottle 8602

was Tossed by Kathy & Rod Beck off the coast of NFLD

Bottle 8338

was Found by Maureen SOINTULA

Bottle 8532

was Tossed by William Mercer I cast by bottle away in Conception Bay South in my home town of Kelligrews, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Bottle 6626

was Tossed by Peter & Katie Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada - not sure where we actually are throwing it.

Bottle 6535

was Tossed by Debbie Cape Spear, Newfoundland

Bottle 5794

was Tossed by Margaret Doyle On the Fogo to Farewell ferry. Near Change Islands off Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 6203

was Tossed by Jenna We tossed my bottle out to sea half way between Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland and North Sydney, Nova Scotia. We were crossing on the Marine Atlantic Ferry, and threw it overboard at 2:00 am. :)

Bottle 6489

was Tossed by Ava We tossed my bottle out to sea half way between Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland and North Sydney, Nova Scotia. We were crossing on the Marine Atlantic Ferry, and threw it overboard at 2:00 am. :)

Bottle 6532

was Found by Michele Taylor Woody Point NL

Bottle 6526

was Tossed by Hannah Off the coast of Newfoundland

Bottle 6753

was Tossed by Mya Off the coast of Newfoundland

Bottle 8577

was Tossed by Lucas Off the coast of Newfoundland

Bottle 6715

was Tossed by Angela one hour from Port Aux Basque on the Newfoundland side. I was on my way home from a holiday of Going to PEI With Geoff Moore .

Bottle 8600

was Tossed by Arley old perlican

Bottle 8453

was Found by Randy 9 miles out of Cap-Pele

Bottle 7102

was Tossed by Chantalle & Joe Narciso Off the Newfounldland Ferry

Bottle 8562

was Tossed by Elsie Norman Lumsden ( Cat Harbour ) Beach, Newfoundland

Bottle 2371

was Tossed by Grace Barney Quirpon, NL

Bottle 4036

was Tossed by Mary Trinity Bay Newfoundland

Bottle 4231

was Tossed by Jake Oakes Some kind of beach in the Washington/Oregon area

Bottle 6532

was Tossed by Emma Waterman My castaway point is chimney cove in Newfoundland Canada its a really pretty beach.

Bottle 5137

was Tossed by Nicole And James Mitchell Cavendish beach PEI Canada

Bottle 6259

was Tossed by Garry & Candice We set the bottle out from the town of stock cove, newfoundland Canada. The day we got married!!

Bottle 6928

was Tossed by Leith The original choice to cast the bottle was going to be St. John's but we didn't find in our travels in this area an ideal location so we let it go in Arnold' Cove.

Bottle 7094

was Found by The Hubleys South Pinette

Bottle 7003

was Tossed by Jackson Gray Off the coast in the middle of the ocean in Trepassey Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 8338

was Found by J Murray Hardwicke Island

Bottle 2604

was Tossed by Jack Leonard Quirpon

Bottle 4366

was Tossed by Devin Palermo This bottle was cast into the Hudson River from the Hudson River Valley in Poughkeepsie NY

Bottle 7052

was Tossed by Lindsay Drover Topsail Beach, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 8324

was Tossed by Leanne Calvin Strait of Juan de Fuca, BC Ferry

Bottle 6920

was Found by Larry Nippard black head cove,fogo island,nl.

Bottle 6920

was Found by Larry Nippard black head cove,fogo island,nl.

Bottle 8517

was Found by Carolane St-denis-de-kamouraska

Bottle 5101

was Tossed by Robert Doiron Cavendish beach Prince Edward island

Bottle 8606

was Tossed by Brittany And Matthew Ferryland, NL

Bottle 6501

was Tossed by Jaxon We threw in off a very high cliff at The Dungeons provincial park in Bonavista, NL.

Bottle 8433

was Tossed by Arianna We tossed it off a very high cliff at. The dungeons provincial park in Bonavista, NL

Bottle 8453

was Tossed by Brian And Nicole Jones It was released in Cocagne, NB, Canada, off of the bridge.

Bottle 6252

was Tossed by Lanny And Evan This bottle was cast off of protection island, nanaimo, BC. On Lanny and Evans 2 year anniversary.

Bottle 6881

was Found by Samantha Darnley basin, twin shores campground

Bottle 3856

was Tossed by Natalie Rowter-baird Cornish Coast, Plymouth harbor, Cornwall, England

Bottle 6883

was Tossed by Ellen Macneill North Lake, PEI, while tuna fishing.

Bottle 6894

was Tossed by Mikela Beach

Bottle 5574

was Found by lunenburg ns

Bottle 2691

was Tossed by James Rossley Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 7216

was Found by Point Pelee National Park

Bottle 7216

was Found by Point Pelee National Park

Bottle 4323

was Tossed by Joshua Mcgrath Fogo Island Ferry NL

Bottle 8490

was Tossed by Rich Cape Broyle nl

Bottle 6590

was Tossed by Keith Hatcher Ferry land, newfoundland

Bottle 6880

was Tossed by The Lyons Family Crescent Beach, Lockeport, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Bottle 8423

was Tossed by The Vanderhout's Annandale PEI - beach off our cottage property

Bottle 5514

was Tossed by Mackenzie Crozsman I cast the bottle in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. (Canada) I live in New Brunswick, Canada.

Bottle 5574

was Tossed by Cole Crozsman I cast it in right beside the Bluenose in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia!!!

Bottle 6551

was Tossed by Ethan Caines Fortune Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Bottle 6881

was Tossed by Nadine Jollimore Prince Edward Island, Canada

Bottle 7216

was Tossed by Savannah Essex County Canada Leamington

Bottle 6592

was Tossed by Alana Alyward Ferryland, NL.

Bottle 7010

was Tossed by Nathan Luffman At. Phillips Beach, Portugal Cove/St. Phillips, NL

Bottle 6417

was Tossed by Abby Miller Cape Spear Newfoundland. The most Easterly point in North America

Bottle 8338

was Tossed by Keaton Pender Island

Bottle 6716

was Tossed by The Butlers Trout river, Newfoundland. Atlantic Ocean.

Bottle 2820

was Tossed by Darin Fehr Thrown from a whale watching boat off of St Anthony, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 7354

was Tossed by Dawn And Brad It was castaway along the East Coast Trail, located in Newfoundland, Canada. This scenic trail spans 260km of coastline. The coastal pathway where this bottle was actually cast from is called the Spo

Bottle 8426

was Found by Jillian Roberts Chelton Beach, PEI

Bottle 7117

was Tossed by Mr &mrs Raoul Nannys hole in Jenkins cove nl (twillingate )

Bottle 7131

was Tossed by Aaron Telnes And Rhodielyn Padilla Off the BC Ferries boat from Duke Point (Nanaimo) enroute to Tsawwassen (Vancouver)

Bottle 8434

was Tossed by Brady Barnes Norris Point, Bonne Bay....Newfoundland & Labrador

Bottle 8445

was Tossed by Ashley Bradley Peggy's Cove, NS, CA

Bottle 8477

was Tossed by Emilia Victoria, Canada

Bottle 5070

was Tossed by Suzanne Comeau Bay of Fundy Between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada

Bottle 5345

was Tossed by Paul Comeau Bay of Fundy between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Bottle 6862

was Tossed by Corey Paynter Prince Edward Island

Bottle 7041

was Tossed by Michelle Buck St. Lawrence Bat

Bottle 6255

was Found by Manon Bourgoin Iles-de-la-Madeleine (Québec) Canada

Bottle 3157

was Tossed by Noah And Jaxon Macdonald Threw off the Gaultois-Hermitage Ferry in Hermitage Bay, NL.

Bottle 4281

was Tossed by The Grays VICTORIA B.C. travel on a ferry to Vancouver B.C. . We set off in a wide open area

Bottle 6336

was Tossed by Picketts Dover NL

Bottle 6922

was Tossed by Karli Bonavista Newfoundland

Bottle 8396

was Tossed by Matthew Strickland Our bottles journey is starting in Cavendish, PEI at one of our favourite beaches !

Bottle 6920

was Found by David And Kim Sanderson Random Island

Bottle 6920

was Found by David And Kim Sanderson Random Island

Bottle 5234

was Tossed by Eisan Family Caribou River Nova Scotia, Pictou County, Canada

Bottle 6232

was Tossed by Sophia Bramwell it was on a beach that was guarded with wood it was in newfoundland on the coast of trinity bay

Bottle 6244

was Tossed by Isaac Chelton beach provincial park PEI

Bottle 8315

was Tossed by Wendy & Trystin Off the Ferry near Port aux Basque

Bottle 6227

was Tossed by Rowan Foley Our castaway location was a lovely beach in Eastport.

Bottle 6269

was Tossed by Chris On a vacation to Eastport, NL, I tossed my bottle at the beach.

Bottle 6482

was Tossed by Ethan Seawood Drive, Stanley Bridge, PE

Bottle 7026

was Found by Cheryl & David Locke Exploits Island, NL

Bottle 7026

was Found by Cheryl & David Locke Exploits Island, NL

Bottle 6206

was Found by Brogan Graham late registering

Bottle 6773

was Tossed by Tyler K Malpeque, Prince Edward Island - launched from a deep sea fishing boat.

Bottle 6893

was Tossed by Jean St. John's Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 2215

was Tossed by Alicia & Pierce River Liffy, Dublin Ireland

Bottle 3960

was Tossed by Robin Street Comox Harbor Comox, British Columbia

Bottle 7392

was Found by Debbie Mac tush campsite 24

Bottle 8308

was Tossed by Harlom Sunshine coast.. staight og Georgia

Bottle 3949

was Found by Diana & Misty Tofino Harbour

Bottle 5761

was Tossed by Megra Long Beach, Cape Race, Portugal Cove South, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 7375

was Tossed by Tessa Garrow On a whale watching tour off Bay Bulls newfoundland I threw my bottle in at Gull Island . The island was full of Puffins !!!!

Bottle 8340

was Tossed by Jesse Beck by st johns nfld

Bottle 3910

was Tossed by David Hinckley Westerly, RI beach

Bottle 7125

was Tossed by Krista Bradley Cape Spear Nfld

Bottle 8567

was Tossed by Melanie & Mike Argentia Nova Scotia Ferry, Canada

Bottle 6540

was Tossed by Cathy Thrown into the cold Atlantic ocean off Long Harbour, Newfoundland.

Bottle 8530

was Tossed by Jessica Mccarthy Tossed off the coast of Newfoundland

Bottle 2367

was Tossed by Steve Charron We cast this bottle off a pier in Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada, against a beautiful sunset backdrop. .

Bottle 2769

was Tossed by Maggie Pelchat I went out in my new kayak with my Mom at North Wallace. This was my Granny and Grand Dad's summer home and is now our cottage. I just got back from camp Pagweak today and had s great time.

Bottle 3915

was Tossed by Jenna somewhere between Victoria and Seattle

Bottle 5656

was Tossed by Cluett Family Our bottle was tossed into the Atlantic Ocean from the Eastern Tickle in Tilting on Fogo Island in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Bottle 6206

was Tossed by Kellie Snook Topsail Beach

Bottle 6391

was Tossed by Jen St. Johns Newfoundland

Bottle 7098

was Tossed by Victoria Fraser Port Aux Basques. Taking the ferry to Nova Scotia. We dropped it while on the ferry.

Bottle 7314

was Tossed by Liz Ptak Bays Bull, Newfoundland

Bottle 6917

was Tossed by Leanne Van Dorpel Fleur de lys, Newfoundland

Bottle 7050

was Tossed by Samuel Mcdormand Cast off at Southern Point, Brier Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Bottle 7312

was Tossed by Creighton Bauline is an inlet

Bottle 6344

was Found by Darien Placenta Bay, Nfld

Bottle 3401

was Tossed by Owen, Jack & Josh Town of Placentia, Newfoundland. Tossed in Ocean at high tide around the draw bridge / boardwalk. Lots of rock, water and waves in the area. Attached is a picture of us from a couple of years ago,

Bottle 4295

was Tossed by Sheryl Near Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Bottle 3907

was Tossed by Sherry Larade We tossed it into the Pacific Ocean between Victoria and delta British Columbia

Bottle 6373

was Tossed by Angel Between Vancouver Island and the Mainland of British Columbia

Bottle 6785

was Tossed by Hillary Rocky Harbour, NL,Canada

Bottle 8337

was Tossed by Ryan Stanford St.johns nl canada

Bottle 8517

was Found by Mona I.P.E. Canoë Cove Canada

Bottle 7188

was Tossed by Grant & Jessica On the ferry between Blanc sablon and st. Barbe.

Bottle 8426

was Tossed by Cory Hewston Chelton beach PEI

Bottle 6238

was Tossed by Nathan Kelley The ocean sciences centre ,Marine Lab Rd,St. John's, NL,Canada

Bottle 6329

was Tossed by Rideout Pacquet, Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 6613

was Tossed by Oli Whitehead North Atlantic, between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Bottle 8395

was Tossed by Jeff Thrown off of the coast of Charlottetown, PEI.

Bottle 8443

was Tossed by Ashleigh&brian St. John's Newfoundland

Bottle 2141

was Tossed by Callan Vella Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland

Bottle 4181

was Tossed by Cole Vella Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland

Bottle 6255

was Tossed by Joejoe 88 round pond lane prince Edward island canada, cottage on the ocean, oh by the way were from toronto ontario canada

Bottle 6344

was Tossed by Irene Gauthier Placenta Bay, NFLD

Bottle 6386

was Tossed by Mia Boundary Pass, between the Gulf Islands and the San Juan Islands

Bottle 6823

was Tossed by Stella Boundary Pass between the Gulf Islands and the San Juan Islands

Bottle 7160

was Tossed by Hunter Middle of Haro Strait near the international boundary between Canada and USA

Bottle 6625

was Found by Justin Bauline East

Bottle 6258

was Found by Everett & Georgia Bartman Howe Point, PEI

Bottle 6870

was Tossed by Charlene Port de grave

Bottle 6920

was Tossed by Linda Kendell Random Island, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 8416

was Tossed by Abigail Port de grave

Bottle 6258

was Found by Rich Howe Bay

Bottle 6703

was Found by Dermot Quinn Achill Island Ireland

Bottle 5973

was Tossed by Mitchell St.anthony bight Newfoundland

Bottle 6882

was Tossed by Tamara Anstey Cavendish Beach, PEI

Bottle 8439

was Tossed by Kaycie G. Cavendish Beach, PEI

Bottle 5175

was Found by Lexie Sea glass beach port elgin

Bottle 7392

was Found by Dianne Port Alberni

Bottle 6272

was Tossed by Diana White Bay bulls

Bottle 6274

was Tossed by Diane Atkinson Cape Spear, St John's Newfoundland

Bottle 6497

was Tossed by Louise Witless Bay, Newfoundland

Bottle 6505

was Tossed by Rob Harrison Just off the coast St John's Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 6625

was Tossed by John Stuart Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 8440

was Tossed by Gail Lynch Bottle was tossed from Ferryland, Newfoundland.I gave it to a man to toss out of his boat when he was out fishing.

Bottle 8487

was Tossed by Benjamin On a Ferry between Victoria, B.C. and Port Angeles, Washington in the Juan de Fuca Straight.

Bottle 6742

was Tossed by Sandie Thunder cove PEI

Bottle 5339

was Tossed by Peeter Ruhnu.

Bottle 8361

was Tossed by Jenelle Hulan Gravels, Port Au Port, Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 2430

was Tossed by Diane Newfoundland

Bottle 7352

was Tossed by Amanda Irvine Ogden Point, Victoria British Columbia, Canada

Bottle 6997

was Found by Fabi & Jf Panmure Island Provincial Park, PEI, Canada

Bottle 6997

was Found by Fabi & Jf Panmure Island Provincial Park, PEI, Canada

Bottle 6302

was Tossed by Keisha Bishop St.Marys NL Atlantic ocean Point La Haye

Bottle 3408

was Found by Rootball Clan Lopez Island

Bottle 3673

was Tossed by The Maltais Family On Shwartz Bay (Victoria, BC) to Tsawwassen (Vancouver, BC) Ferry

Bottle 5870

was Tossed by Taylor Hurst Petty Harbour, Newfoundland

Bottle 6208

was Tossed by Lisa Ozminkowski Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

Bottle 6217

was Tossed by Kandis Off the Coast of Newfoundland near Bay Bulls NL

Bottle 6354

was Tossed by Blaine On the fishing grounds off Southport NL.

Bottle 6623

was Tossed by Julie Bay Bulls, NFLD

Bottle 6757

was Tossed by Jen Bulls Bay, St. John's, Canada

Bottle 6901

was Tossed by Faith Bull's Bay Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 7096

was Tossed by Leslie Blair Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

Bottle 8368

was Tossed by Tyson In the ocean off Southport. Trinity Bay NL. Canada

Bottle 6733

was Tossed by Jonathan St John, Newfoundland near puffin island

Bottle 8306

was Tossed by Liam Nelson The Icehouse, Tofino, B.C.

Bottle 6898

was Tossed by David Riehn Witless Bay, Newfoundland, Canada. Near a flock of Puffins and Humpback whales

Bottle 7392

was Tossed by Haley China Creek Marina and Campground, Port Alberni B.C.,Canada

Bottle 5259

was Tossed by Kestra Parksville British Columbia Canada. A resort called Pacific Shores.

Bottle 6549

was Tossed by Brian Bernard Escuminac wharf

Bottle 7089

was Tossed by Kristen Douglas Lovely St. Johns

Bottle 6308

was Tossed by Linda&gary Hussey Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Bottle 7208

was Tossed by Nichole Punta Cana

Bottle 7290

was Tossed by Lindsay Hussey Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Bottle 3946

was Tossed by Jessica Boy's cove,M NL Canada

Bottle 8560

was Tossed by Abby W Chapel Arm, NL, Canada

Bottle 6734

was Tossed by Kami And Abbie West Point, PEI, Canada.

Bottle 6872


Bottle 7046

was Found by Niki Balazs Boughton Island, PEI

Bottle 3966

was Tossed by Makenzie And Val Ucluelet, BC Canada Long Beach

Bottle 8512

was Tossed by Alan Swartz bay to reassemble ferry

Bottle 6258


Bottle 6871

was Tossed by Karley Macdonald Launching wharf beach Prince Edward island Canada

Bottle 7046

was Tossed by Merena Macdonald Launching beach wharf PEI canada

Bottle 7232

was Tossed by Jenna Between clarenville and passengers cove in Newfoundland

Bottle 5484

was Tossed by Deanna Atkins Halifax/south shore. N.S

Bottle 7097

was Tossed by Jack Laffy This bottle was cast off a beautiful red sand beach on the waters of le Détroit de Northumberland Highway 14, RR #1 St. Louis, PEI C0B 1Zo Canada Cette bouteille a été jeté hors d'une belle pl

Bottle 8576

was Tossed by Devon The Harbour, St. John's Newfoundland - July 1, 2015

Bottle 8527

was Tossed by Patrick Ferryland Lighthouse and picnic area on the coast of Newfoundland CA

Bottle 7181

was Found by Alain Chevanelle Cayo Largo

Bottle 6294

was Tossed by Madeline Galgay Outer Cove Beach, NL, Canada

Bottle 6589

was Tossed by Kelly Coast of Newfoundland in Canada. Beautiful lighthouse.

Bottle 6997

was Tossed by Russ Morgan Off the ferry to P.E.I

Bottle 6346

was Tossed by Abby Buffett Middle Cove Beach Middle Cove, NL

Bottle 8517

was Tossed by Shane Morgan Casted away from the confederation bridge pei

Bottle 6817

was Tossed by Courtney Newfoundland Ferry - Port Aux Basques to North Sydney - Cabot Strait

Bottle 8493

was Tossed by Dirk Scerri We casted the bottle off Tonquin beach in tofino bc (Canada)

Bottle 5782

was Tossed by Charles Gazley Portugal Cove South, NL

Bottle 2720

was Found by Kersten Husby Strand, Dänemark

Bottle 7255

was Found by Logan Stanley park vancouver

Bottle 5442

was Tossed by Denise Shediac , New Brunswick , Canada

Bottle 7255

was Tossed by Hayley, Brenden, Candice Pollock We decided to castaway our bottle on our way home back to Calgary. We are going to throw the bottle off of the ferry, between Nanaimo and Vancouver!!

Bottle 6374

was Tossed by Charlotte Crossing the Gulf outside of Port Aux Basque Newfoundland

Bottle 3969

was Tossed by Fay Tucker-white Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 8325

was Tossed by Jaelyn It was off the coast of Ferryland in Newfoundland. We had just finished having a picnic up by the light house.

Bottle 6275

was Tossed by Michael Elliston, Newfoundland, but visiting from Toronto, Ontario

Bottle 5772

was Found by Graeme Cornwall, United Kingdom

Bottle 4176

was Tossed by Sophia Los cabos, San jose Mexico. In front of the Royal Solaris hotel.

Bottle 2374

was Found by Justin Williams Surfside Beach, TX

Bottle 4123

was Found by Scott Kettle falls washington

Bottle 5146

was Found by Emma Van Rooyen Canada

Bottle 3821

was Tossed by Ashley Dinn Middle Cove Beach, Newfoundland

Bottle 5286

was Found by Rose Power Long Beach Washington

Bottle 7303

was Found by Rainer Moll Danmark, Jammerbucht

Bottle 5411

was Found by Leah Belize

Bottle 5411

was Found by Leah Belize

Bottle 3110

was Found by Iain South Uist, OUTER HEBRIDES, Scotland

Bottle 2720

was Tossed by Nicole Collins Rosemarkie Bay, in Rosemarkie Scotland

Bottle 7161

was Tossed by Rosie Hoggarth Bottle cast away from our boat on to the Exumas Banks as we left Black Point, Great Guana Cay. Originally cast away from San juan Puerto Rico 26th Jan 2015

Bottle 6658

was Tossed by Tanya Edison off the ferry to Nanaimo, BC

Bottle 5979

was Tossed by Harvey Brown's Beach, Barbados.

Bottle 5286

was Found by Kathy Patterson Gordons Beach, Sooke, B.C.

Bottle 3220

was Found by

Bottle 6956

was Tossed by Emma Perry Grand Banks, NL

Bottle 2514

was Tossed by Jim Page Gulf of Mexico Bay of Campeche. Off the Mexican coast, by Ciudad Del Carmen Island.

Bottle 7182

was Tossed by Lynsey Loughshore. Belfast

Bottle 3165

was Tossed by Randy Dropped off Stephenville, Newfoundland

Bottle 6837

was Tossed by Maureen York Northwest point of Mayaguana, Bahamas

Bottle 3971

was Tossed by David And Emily Ferrie between Nanaimo and Vancouver BC

Bottle 6440

was Tossed by Rick Kenny I castawayed the bottle from the Grand Banks, about 350 km east of Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 7181

was Tossed by Joyce Brown Ship Carnival Glory, somewhere between St Thomas Virgin Islands & Miami

Bottle 7252

was Tossed by Debbie Thomas Half moon cay Bahamas

Bottle 5796

was Tossed by Alexander I threw dis bottle from a place in Spaniard's bay back cove

Bottle 6300

was Tossed by Yvonne Mercer From Carnival Cruise lines, somewhere off Porto Rico.

Bottle 5286

was Found by Randy Morriss Cox Bay in the lee of Frank Island

Bottle 7224

was Tossed by Diana And Matt Middle Cove NL

Bottle 3301

was Tossed by Chris Brennan Near Topsail Beach just outside of Newfoundland's Capital City of St. John's in Canada.

Bottle 5411

was Tossed by Bryan Walker North Point. St Lucy Barbados W.I. Below is a picture of the point where the bottle was thrown and I went down to see it float away. I actually never thought it would get out of that little bay.

Bottle 7303

was Tossed by Matthew Heffernan St Andrews Pier, St Andrews, Scotland, the United Kingdom.

Bottle 6778

was Found by Jordan Grandparrey

Bottle 4241

was Tossed by Cassie Cadboro Bay beach!

Bottle 5767

was Tossed by Jayden Boyde I went to Fogo for a visit and threw my bottle into the ocean from the Ferry

Bottle 5976

was Tossed by April The "Back Beach" out on the point near the United Church Camp in Loon Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Bottle 5142

was Tossed by Linda Hoogstins Long Beach Tofino BC Canada

Bottle 7279

was Tossed by Patrick Walsh Petty Harbour, Newfoundland & Labrador

Bottle 3625

was Tossed by Trina Colwood BC at the ocean by a lighthouse (one of The oldest lighthouses I was told) :)

Bottle 5640

was Found by Ms.russell Bamfield, B.C.

Bottle 5270

was Tossed by Marcia Forsyth - Anglesea, Australia - Point Roadknight Beach ( southwest of the town centre)

Bottle 5159

was Tossed by Lindsay Anglesea, Australia

Bottle 4111

was Tossed by The Paquets Murray Corner, N.B.

Bottle 6819

was Tossed by Lana Reardigan Middle Cove Beach, Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 3767

was Found by Travis Rideout Heart's Delight, Newfoundland

Bottle 3767

was Found by Travis Rideout Heart's Delight, Newfoundland

Bottle 7250

was Tossed by Taylor Clowe Flatrock, NL

Bottle 6333

was Tossed by Bernadette Negril, Jamaica... Cliff

Bottle 6834

was Tossed by Rosalind Cliff in Negril Jamaica

Bottle 5787

was Found by Dany Larouche Heath Point Ile Anticosti

Bottle 5787

was Found by Dany Larouche Heath Point Ile Anticosti

Bottle 5787

was Found by Dany Larouche Heath Point Ile Anticosti

Bottle 4088

was Tossed by Aislynn Bc ferry Nanaimo Pacific Ocean

Bottle 5401

was Found by Kevin Macleod Belle River, PEI, Canada

Bottle 5401

was Found by Kevin Macleod Belle River, PEI, Canada

Bottle 7268

was Tossed by Nick Wagner Cape spear, St. John's, Newfoundland

Bottle 3762

was Tossed by Michelle Putt Tofino, BC

Bottle 6390

was Tossed by Sharon Parsons I tossed my bottle at Signal Hill a beautiful trail walk overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, here in St. John's Newfoundland, it's a must come see :-)

Bottle 4080

was Tossed by Jesse Lythgoe Off the bc ferry going to horseshoe bay leaving nanaimo.

Bottle 6448

was Tossed by Cj Clarks Beach NFLD Canada

Bottle 7307

was Tossed by Jennifer Parsons Pouch cove

Bottle 4108

was Tossed by Shane Richards Clover Point, Victoria B.C. Canada

Bottle 4089

was Tossed by Erika Jessen Mehan's Cove,Quispamsis,New Brunswick

Bottle 6412

was Tossed by Abigail Hudson Pouch Cove, NL. Beautiful spot to watch the waves at the Otter Gulch. Had a good climb to find the best spot to send it off but eventually we cast off two into the waters! It was pretty rough out that

Bottle 6426

was Tossed by Pat & Mary Gardiner We live in St. John's NL, and are casting the bottle out into the St. John's Narrows!!!

Bottle 5543

was Tossed by Victoria Treasure Island, Florida, USA

Bottle 5017

was Tossed by Jillian Simmons This bottle was sent from Corner Brook, Newfoundland in Canada! We sent this bottle on a windy day from the Humber River!

Bottle 5440

was Found by Leigh Off borden

Bottle 5401

was Tossed by Cathy Welburn Bell River PEI North Humberland Straight

Bottle 5440

was Found by George Read Amherst Cove

Bottle 7159

was Tossed by Bob&janette Ryan The province of Newfoundland is Canada's newest province and is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, the most easterly point in North America. We launched our bottle from the Marine Atlantic ferry a

Bottle 7274

was Tossed by Sheri Bradshaw Cape Spear Newfoundland, Canada The most Easterly point in North America.

Bottle 5810

was Found by Francisco Pozo izquierdo, GranCanaria, Islas Canarias

Bottle 3797

was Tossed by Jennifer Horseshoe Bay Ferrie

Bottle 5878

was Tossed by Jake And Meghan Lighthouse point near cowhead!

Bottle 3343

was Tossed by Linda Lighthouse Point by Deep Cove. Cast away by Dave DuPree in Musgravetown, NL, Canada

Bottle 2851

was Tossed by Ayra Jane D. L'Anse au Claire, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada/Strait of Belle Isle

Bottle 3845

was Found by Andrew St. Chrystome, Prince Edward Island

Bottle 3845

was Found by Andrew St. Chrystome, Prince Edward Island

Bottle 5170

was Tossed by Pam Lowden's Beach in Braeshore, Pictou, NS

Bottle 6683

was Tossed by Cindy Darby Middle Cove Beach. NL. Canada

Bottle 7262

was Tossed by Ella,zaiah,rylan Young TBD

Bottle 5378

was Tossed by Mclellan From the Halligonian III while on a whale watching tour of the Halifax Harbour

Bottle 4093

was Tossed by Fletcher Tofino BC Canada

Bottle 3879

was Found by Mary Benson Fort Rodd Hill/Fisgard Lighthouse

Bottle 7214

was Found by Phoebe Metcalfe Ragged Beach, Witless Bay

Bottle 3106

was Tossed by Iris Castan Rocher de la Vierge 64 200 Biarritz, France

Bottle 3993

was Tossed by Aiden Middle cove beach in Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 5107

was Tossed by James Lockhart Bridge on Hayden Run Road in Columbus, Ohio. Threw into Scioto River on Sunday August 24, 2014.

Bottle 5077

was Tossed by Schneiders Nanaimo Ferry heading to Vancouver BC

Bottle 4123

was Tossed by Lisa Petrie Cascade Cove Campground Christina Lake, BC Canada

Bottle 5210

was Tossed by Alex Frid Seaview Beach, PEI

Bottle 6667

was Tossed by Candace White Belle Island, Newfoundland

Bottle 3677

was Tossed by Maya Trinity Bay Newfoundland

Bottle 3522

was Tossed by Tyler J. Long Beach, Vancouver Island, Near Tofino & Ucluelet, Sandy shore, Small islands

Bottle 5717

was Found by Lynette saltery bay, bc

Bottle 7143

was Tossed by Gabriele I camped at Kouchibouguac [pronounced koo-chi-bu-gwac] National Park. The tide was already out when I was up in the morning, but as I was leaving the park I found a foot bridge over the river and drop

Bottle 4081

was Tossed by Laura Johnson Second Beach, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada!

Bottle 5937

was Tossed by The Millar's Eastport Beach, Newfoundland

Bottle 5730

was Found by Jade Terrio Amherst Shore NS

Bottle 6678

was Tossed by Chuck Schouwerwou Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 6681

was Tossed by Bonny Bay bulls, Newfoundland

Bottle 6702

was Tossed by Christine Cove

Bottle 6854

was Tossed by Rachael Bay Bull's Coastline, Newfoundland

Bottle 7194

was Tossed by Yasmine Nixon Newfoundland, Canada, Carbonear, Crockers Cove

Bottle 7318

was Tossed by Danny Nixon Canada, Newfoundland, Carboner

Bottle 3845

was Tossed by Sean Borden-Carleton, Prince-Edward Island near the Confederation Bridge in Canada.

Bottle 3879

was Tossed by Alastair Cast off of the B.C ferries from Victoria to Vancouver on my trip back to University!

Bottle 4000

was Tossed by Kade Peavoy On the way back we took a ferry from Departure Bay in Nanaimo, BC to Horsebay in Vancouver, BC. We threw the bottle over when we were half way there!

Bottle 6609

was Tossed by Mary St. John's, Newfoundland, off the top of a boat!

Bottle 5440

was Found by Colby Noonan Amherst Cove, Borden-Carleton PEI

Bottle 5405

was Tossed by Colleen The best beach in the world! West Mabou Beach, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 5891

was Tossed by James Macneil North Rustico,PEI Canada

Bottle 4102

was Found by Lindsay Macisaac McNab's Island, Halifax, NS

Bottle 4102

was Found by Lindsay Macisaac McNab's Island, Halifax, NS

Bottle 2354

was Tossed by Sophie I through my bottle in the Atlantic ocean on the ferry crossing from Blanc Sablon, Quebec to St. Barbe Newfoundland

Bottle 5655

was Tossed by Brad Basin Head Prince Edward Island Canada

Bottle 3110

was Found by Ian Maclellan South Uist

Bottle 3110

was Found by Ian Maclellan South Uist

Bottle 5090

was Tossed by Abby On a boat off of Cranberry Island,Maine: Near Acadia National Park,

Bottle 5580

was Tossed by Jeff, Mia, Caitlin N Maisie We cast away our bottle on Prince Edward Island, Canada at Covehead on the North shore, please log onto the website and tell us if you found our bottle, we are from the UK but were on PEI on holiday,

Bottle 5941

was Tossed by Cameron Sunny side beach in steilacoom Washington

Bottle 6984

was Tossed by Tracey We threw the bottle off the rocks below our cabin.

Bottle 7261

was Tossed by Ethan Portugal Cove, NL at the wharf for the Bell Island Ferry.

Bottle 5198

was Tossed by Aaden White Carbonear, Newfounland, Canada

Bottle 5642

was Tossed by Noah Smith The Fogo Island ferry, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 5665

was Tossed by Ben Smith This was castaway on the Fogo Island Ferry, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 7372

was Tossed by Riley Chippett Leading Tickles, Newfoundland.

Bottle 4139

was Found by Nichola Hewitt Robinson's Island, PEI National Park, PEI, Canada

Bottle 3751

was Tossed by Robert Rodd Miramichi, August 8. 2014

Bottle 4021

was Tossed by Rod Duncan Crossing on a ferry between Nanaimo, BC from Vancouver Island to North Vancouver on the BC mainland. Dropped overboard at these... GPS coordinates: N 49° 15' 29.2" W 123° 33' 33.2" 11:00AM PS

Bottle 5717

was Tossed by Izack Vancouver island

Bottle 5730

was Tossed by Renee Amherst Shore,Nova Scotia Canada

Bottle 6372

was Tossed by Sonia Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, Canada - while out on a whale watching boat.

Bottle 6611

was Tossed by Tracy St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Bay Bulls

Bottle 7017

was Tossed by Emma Brier Island

Bottle 7234

was Tossed by Susan Nero Bay Bulls, NFLD

Bottle 7323

was Tossed by Derise Siemens Witless Bay (st. John's) Newfoundland

Bottle 7365

was Tossed by Lynn Beauregard Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 7415

was Tossed by Grayce Janes Lighthouse Picnics ~ Ferryland, Newfoundland ~ A0A 2H0 ~ Canada

Bottle 5577

was Tossed by Jenn And Jason Inverness beach cape Breton Nova Scotia

Bottle 5962

was Tossed by Beau & Sara Carder Caribbean Sea, Sandals Grande Antigua

Bottle 5615

was Found by Daniel & Leviathan Evans Saltwater State Park Beach

Bottle 4170

was Found by Spencer Tidnish,Nova Scotia

Bottle 6816

was Tossed by Melissa NFLD

Bottle 4102

was Found by Samuel Bowser Brundage Lane Tidnish NS

Bottle 5765

was Tossed by Zana And Shane St. John's harbour, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 5791

was Tossed by Neely Mcgrath Chapel Beach, Harbour Main, NL , Canada

Bottle 4053

was Tossed by Lain Slack Nanaimo BC. Canada Water Front

Bottle 5581

was Tossed by Charlotte Thompson Off the boat Green Witch off of Cape Tryon , Stanley Bridge PEI

Bottle 6094

was Tossed by Jillian Belanger Larocque bridge, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec

Bottle 3773

was Found by Sarah Thunder Cove, PEI

Bottle 2358

was Tossed by Jacob Fullen Off of a cruise ship in the middle of the Gulf of Lion

Bottle 5615

was Tossed by Jack Jackowski Des Moines, Wa. Poverty Bay. At the sea lion buoy

Bottle 3959

was Tossed by Tristian King On a boat in the St. Lawrence River crossing from Matane to Baie-Comeau in Quebec.

Bottle 4102

was Tossed by Isaac Prince Edward Island

Bottle 4139

was Tossed by Ross Family We wrote Cavendish Beach, P.E.I., but ended up throwing the bottle into the ocean from an old pier in North Rustico Beach, P.E.I., about 8 km down the coast. It had a better current there... ;) We

Bottle 4170

was Tossed by Owen Prince Edward Island, Canada the small town of Cavendish p

Bottle 5847

was Tossed by Robert Killoran Launched by the Red House in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. N 47'46'17"; W 52'45'43"

Bottle 6013

was Found by Glenn Saskatchewan landing

Bottle 3773

was Found by Brigide îles de la Madeleine, Québec

Bottle 3773

was Found by Brigide îles de la Madeleine, Québec

Bottle 3240

was Tossed by Dave Armstrong Cape Spear, Newfoundland - CANADA (47.5236 degrees N - 52.6194 degrees W) -- the most easterly land mass of continental North America

Bottle 3773

was Tossed by Brigide L'Anse à la Cabane, îles de la Madeleine

Bottle 4079

was Tossed by Melanie-aaron Dominion Beach, Nova Scotia

Bottle 2510

was Tossed by Lauren Haggerty Reversing Falls saint john nb

Bottle 3996

was Tossed by Donna We threw our bottle into the sea at the beautiful village called Sandycove in Ireland. This is a beach close to the James Joyce Museum.

Bottle 5863

was Tossed by Amelia Quinton It's a Canadian national historic site!

Bottle 4027

was Tossed by Julie Hinks-north I am in Nanamio with my 3 sons and one of the my sons girl friend, We visited New Castle Island as a last mini journey before heading back to Ontario.

Bottle 4063

was Tossed by Melvina Alderson QUALICUM BEACH, B.C.

Bottle 5958

was Tossed by Brigitte Five Island Four season resort Nova-Scotia

Bottle 5331

was Found by John Advocate Harbour Nova Scotia

Bottle 4002

was Tossed by Peter Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Bottle 4077

was Tossed by Ava Ward Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 5316

was Tossed by Ari Mitra My bottle was thrown into the ocean in Victoria BC, where the beach was sandy but with cold waters.

Bottle 6356

was Tossed by Joel Lake I threw this bottle from a local beach known for its beautiful sand and tranquility.

Bottle 6707

was Tossed by Brett Lee Shoal Cove is a quiet beautiful beach which is located in St. Lawrence, Newfoundland.

Bottle 6797

was Tossed by Rachel Shoal cove beach is a sandy beach in st.Lawrence,NL it has beautiful soft sand and has the Atlantic Ocean on one side and fresh water stream on the other side

Bottle 3079

was Tossed by Chadney On the ferry from Gibsons, BC, Canada heading to Vancouver, BC, Canada The 2nd ferry away from Powell River, BC, Canada

Bottle 4067

was Tossed by Gail Lynch My husband and I spent a weekend in Ferryland,Newfoundland.I went to the light house there and purchased this bottle.Though it would be fun.I gave it to a fisherman to toss out for me.Ferryland is a b

Bottle 4392

was Tossed by Wade Anderson Cavendish beach, PEI,CANADA

Bottle 5036

was Tossed by Renee, Trevor, Carter, Sarah Walsh Grand Banks Newfoundland

Bottle 5060

was Tossed by Renee, Trevor , Carter & Sarah Walsh Offshore Newfoundland... Grand Banks.. On the way out to the oil rigs

Bottle 7253

was Tossed by Marty Purcell We bought the bottle at the Ferryland Lighthouse. My grandfather tossed the bottle a week later for me while he was out cod fishing in Dildo Harbour.

Bottle 5167

was Found by Shea Talbot Crowbush Prince Edward Island

Bottle 5167

was Found by Shea Talbot Crowbush Prince Edward Island

Bottle 5892

was Tossed by Hailey Snow Town salvage

Bottle 6602

was Tossed by Ronnie Bay of Bulls, NFLD

Bottle 4389

was Tossed by Ross Tilley In middle of Gulf of St. Lawrence on a ferry trip from North Sydney, Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland

Bottle 6703

was Tossed by Rich Off a boat off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada near St John's.

Bottle 6809

was Tossed by Hany St.john's - NFLD

Bottle 4033

was Found by Cole Wittys Lagoon Beach

Bottle 5168

was Tossed by Kathryn My castaway location is off a boat in the Charlottetown harbour in PEI, Canada.

Bottle 6639

was Tossed by Jks Off the coast of Newfoundland where the whales frolic

Bottle 2422

was Found by Crystal Bonavista

Bottle 2366

was Tossed by Chase Bonavista Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 5681

was Tossed by Dana And Heather We threw our bottle from st.johns at fort amherst lighthouse.

Bottle 5167

was Found by John Harrington Savage Harbour PIE canada

Bottle 5579

was Found by Hope Affleck Savage Harbour

Bottle 3112

was Tossed by Scott And Melissa Off the ferry between Nanaimo, BC and Vancouver, BC.

Bottle 4055

was Tossed by The Murphy Family Beach of the town Colliers, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 5916

was Tossed by Billy W This bottle was castaway on the Ferry to Deer Island, New Brunswick from St. George, New Brunswick. (CANADA)

Bottle 5167

was Found by Brier Savage Harbour

Bottle 3836

was Tossed by Selina Charlo Beach, New brunswick

Bottle 3944

was Tossed by Brooke Nadine Tofino, bc, Canada eh

Bottle 5421

was Tossed by Annette Robert Darnley Bridge, Darnley Prince Edward Island

Bottle 5139

was Found by Paige Spence Texada Island

Bottle 5167

was Tossed by Jack Covehead Bay, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Its a place where fisherman place lobster traps, and there is a restaurant where they use it. There is a bridge and other things like boats. Anyways, its a

Bottle 5192

was Tossed by Elijah Porter Holyrood Beach, Newfoundland

Bottle 4043

was Tossed by Blake Petrushko AquaForte Nfld

Bottle 5579

was Tossed by Christine Levesque-martin We cast the bottle in Prince Edward Island, Canada on the private beach of the cottage in Savage Harbour.

Bottle 4033

was Tossed by Kevin Out on a friends sailboat and thought I'd throw this in

Bottle 5412

was Tossed by Syd Potter Lennox Island, PEI.

Bottle 5728

was Tossed by Thatcher Mackay Borden-Carleton Wharf I cast my bottle of the pier in Borden-Carleton where I like to fish mackerel with my Dad, Popa and Uncle Matt.

Bottle 6612

was Tossed by Hannah And Connor Mercer Bay Roberts - Cable Avenue, down a ways at Mad Rock.

Bottle 7408

was Tossed by Jeremy Oake Trout river, NL

Bottle 7377

was Tossed by Corinne Kieley Mahone Bay 44 25 395N , 64 13 320N

Bottle 5033

was Tossed by Clara Sullivan Just outside Bay Bulls, Newfoundland on the Atlantic Puffin, a whale watching boat tour with O'Brien's Tours.

Bottle 5589

was Tossed by Sefra Angie's beach house

Bottle 3867

was Tossed by Mackenzie Brakley point, PEI, Canada. Was supposed to be Fundy, but we forgot the bottle.

Bottle 4032

was Tossed by Erin Witless Bay Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 4149

was Tossed by Matthew We dropped the bottle from the ferry on our way back to NS from PEI.

Bottle 5169

was Tossed by Sheamus Warren Mackenzie Beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC, CA

Bottle 5173

was Tossed by Hunter Dominion Beach, Dominion, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Bottle 5246

was Tossed by Meri Hardy On a ferry between fogo Island and Louisport Newfoundland

Bottle 5296

was Tossed by Abby Oldford On a ferry between Fogo island and Lewisporte Newfoundland.

Bottle 6800

was Tossed by Nicolas Oake Trout River, NL

Bottle 5123

was Found by Taylor Dawn Advocate Harbour, NS.

Bottle 5048

was Tossed by The Templet Family Signal Hill, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 5010

was Tossed by Joseph Mayer Middle Cove Beach St John's Newfoundland. Canada

Bottle 5022

was Tossed by Jeremy Ferryland, Newfoundland

Bottle 5197

was Tossed by Matheus eastern passage

Bottle 5204

was Tossed by Bernardo Eastern Passage, NS, Canada

Bottle 3218

was Tossed by Angela Grand Beach, NL On Grand Beach Point

Bottle 5119

was Tossed by Evan Adrian Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, United States of America

Bottle 5092

was Tossed by Dylan Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Bottle 5095

was Tossed by Easton Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Bottle 6787

was Tossed by Shawn Bay Bulls, NL

Bottle 4099

was Tossed by Girl Guides Ont/ns We got together and took a boat tour of Halifax Harbour. We dropped the bottle just off the shore of Chedbucto Head.

Bottle 5788

was Tossed by Lisa Stanley Bridge, PEI, Canada

Bottle 2655

was Tossed by Roxanne And David We threw it off the boat launching wharf in Blanc Sablon, Quebec, into the gulf of St.Lawrence.

Bottle 5132

was Tossed by Carly & Nathanael White Noggin Cove Head, rocky ocean coastline of Carmanville, Newfoundland.

Bottle 5772

was Tossed by Brad Lush Topsail Beach, CBS, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 6054

was Tossed by Connie & Brian We cast our bottle while on a whale watching tour off the coast of Bay Bulls - Newfoundland - Canada

Bottle 2360

was Found by Rachaelhippie Lantana beach fl

Bottle 5139

was Tossed by Anthony Vancouver/Victoria Ferry

Bottle 3934

was Tossed by Abrielle And Malia Thrown off the dock in Tofino, BC

Bottle 4062

was Tossed by Stephane Bouchard Cape spear newfoundland canada

Bottle 4008

was Tossed by Pam Dixon Nova Star Ferry on our way from Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Canada to Portland Maine USA June 27,2014

Bottle 4315

was Tossed by Stephanie Cuddy Belize

Bottle 5677

was Tossed by Eric Head Middle cove beach, near Torbay. June 26/2014. The last day of grade four.

Bottle 5779

was Tossed by Nick We had a picnic in Ferryland,Newfoudland, Canada. We loved it!

Bottle 3958

was Tossed by Rob And Alex Mathieson Approximately 40 minutes from Nanaimo BC on BC ferry to Tsawwassen

Bottle 5693

was Tossed by Carrie Hicks Cast it away off cape spear in St. John's NL

Bottle 2360

was Found by Tiffany lantana beach

Bottle 5123

was Tossed by Tyson Digby, Nova Scotia canada

Bottle 5125

was Tossed by Randy Vincent Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 5626

was Tossed by Janice And Marcus Hancock Bell Island ferry launch, Portugal Cove St. Philip's, Newfoundland

Bottle 5530

was Tossed by Alexi And Aysia Reid Our bottle was dropped overboard on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at 10:45 am. It was about 230 miles ESE off St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. It was castaway by friends dad, Geoff Legge

Bottle 5565

was Tossed by Mrs. Reid 230 miles ESE of St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada It was castaway by a student's dad, Geoff Legge

Bottle 5754

was Tossed by Bradley Basin Head, PEI

Bottle 3508

was Tossed by Rebecca Cape Spear, Newfoundland.

Bottle 6045

was Tossed by Jaylen Oickle Lahave River, NS

Bottle 6049

was Tossed by Kayden Oickle Lahave River

Bottle 4245

was Found by Kelly Maclean Bothwell

Bottle 5490

was Tossed by Cheryl&brian En route back to New York City from Bermuda! Tossed from the 14th deck of the Norwegean Breakaway in the Sarragaso Sea (Middle of the North Atlantic).

Bottle 4325

was Tossed by Katie Butt Barcelo maya palace deluxe, mexico

Bottle 5203

was Found by Carys Petty harbour

Bottle 5203

was Found by Carys Petty harbour

Bottle 5203

was Found by Carys Petty harbour

Bottle 5203

was Tossed by Erin Cape Spear , St.John's Newfoundland

Bottle 5440

was Tossed by Ajdin And Landon Private beach in Borden , Pei

Bottle 3555

was Tossed by Demara Pafford On the Oasis of the Seas

Bottle 2415

was Tossed by Callia&makara Kaministiqua River, below Kakabeka Falls, ON CANADA

Bottle 6008

was Found by Greg Second Pond Goulds NL

Bottle 3812

was Tossed by Lindsay Matier Grand Banks, NFLD

Bottle 5295

was Tossed by Wendy We threw the bottle out in the water in front of anchor Inn

Bottle 3600

was Tossed by Desiree Nelson, BC

Bottle 4285

was Tossed by Holly Vessels Fort Bragg, California, USA

Bottle 5936

was Tossed by Ronald Roe On the Salish Sea tides at Entrance Island near Nanaimo, British Columbia. Lat: 49D 12.391N Lon: 123D 47.793W

Bottle 5422

was Tossed by Alexis & Deanna Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada!!

Bottle 3886

was Found by Sean Esquimalt, BC

Bottle 5505

was Tossed by Biglis Montego Bay Sunset Beach Resort

Bottle 3870

was Tossed by Amelia Victoria bec

Bottle 5250

was Tossed by Cody Connolly Between the province of Newfoundland and crossing to Nova Scotia, on a ferry boat service. Port aux basques Newfoundland

Bottle 5844

was Tossed by Connor Strang Me and my Dad threw my bottle from Point May Newfoundland. This is where my Dad grew up and we were visiting my Nan and Pop- we live in St. John's NL now.

Bottle 5286

was Tossed by Keenan Bush Original Castaway location: North Chesterman, Tofino, BC. Found October 20 on Frank Island.. Found Gordon's Beach, Sooke, B.C., 21 March 2015....

Bottle 5605

was Found by Grant Hubbard Ogden Point Victoria

Bottle 3854

was Tossed by Diane Kehle In the Atlantic Gulf Stream between Miami, US & Bimini, Bahamas.

Bottle 5823

was Tossed by Jordyn, Emersyn, Brooke Tofino, bc, Canada. On the sandy beach of tin wis best western, on the west coast of Vancouver island!

Bottle 3886

was Tossed by Admiral Yanow From the Clipper Ferry in between Victoria, BC and Seattle, WA.

Bottle 2317


Bottle 5289

was Tossed by Grace This bottle was thrown for a scallop dragger out in George's Bank.

Bottle 5833

was Tossed by Katie Vandekamp Nanaimo, BC

Bottle 6284

was Tossed by Grant Eisan Down in Eastern Passage

Bottle 6458

was Tossed by Diane Oram We tossed it in the water off the shores of Eastern Passage in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Bottle 5637

was Found by Lindsay Macleod Michaud Point Roberts Washington

Bottle 2438

was Found by Jim Carlisle West Coast Isle of Anglesey.Wales

Bottle 2438

was Found by Jim Carlisle West Coast Isle of Anglesey.Wales

Bottle 4335

was Tossed by Johnny And Kait Bayshore Beach in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Bottle 5605

was Found by Betty Scudamore beach, Dallas Rd, Victoria BC

Bottle 5605

was Tossed by Ryan King Nanaimo British Columbia Canada. Thrown into the Nanaimo harbour.

Bottle 3578

was Tossed by Beverly Near st. Thomas, USVI

Bottle 5267

was Tossed by Grace Thrown off a scallop drawger in the Atlantic Ocean.

Bottle 5298

was Tossed by Grace This bottle was thrown from a scallop dragger in the Atlantic Ocean.

Bottle 5462

was Tossed by Jessie Bambridge Miami,Florida

Bottle 5468

was Tossed by Charles And Anne Devlin half way between cuba and miami

Bottle 5262

was Tossed by Rhonda King Honduras.

Bottle 5317

was Tossed by Garrie & Marnaca Lambert South West Of Cuba, just North of Honduras.

Bottle 5467

was Tossed by Harvey Layden Just off Cayman Islands

Bottle 5284

was Tossed by Phyllis Curl castaway location was just after leaving Isle Rotan

Bottle 4223

was Tossed by Bryan Perras Caribbean Sea

Bottle 2846

was Found by Guhel ERDEVEN, FRANCE

Bottle 3251

was Tossed by Kelsey Beteew port aux basques and north sydney

Bottle 3738

was Tossed by Brooklyn middle cove beach Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 6064

was Tossed by Braiden Middle cove beach newfound canada

Bottle 5146

was Tossed by Brayden Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Bottle 5160

was Tossed by Greyer Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 2123

was Found by Shane O Mahony Long Strand, Castlefreke, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland

Bottle 5372

was Tossed by Taylar L Eastport Beach, Easport, NL, Canada

Bottle 4041

was Tossed by Cole little beach in uclulet

Bottle 5209

was Tossed by Dennis Charlottetown

Bottle 3674

was Tossed by Tammy Law Long Beach ,Tofino Bc Canada !

Bottle 4221

was Tossed by Audrey Kayo Victoria, BC

Bottle 5692

was Tossed by Dennis Turks cove Newfoundland Canada On a bitterly cold -14 afternoon

Bottle 3357

was Tossed by Steve Cautley Conception Bay South, NL

Bottle 4187

was Tossed by Nash And Tia The Point near Powell River, BC

Bottle 4189

was Found by Jan Steen Hornby Island

Bottle 5301

was Tossed by Claude Mercer Launched from a cruise ship in the Carribean Ocean.

Bottle 3066

was Tossed by Gen Dillon st marys, nl canada

Bottle 5997

was Tossed by John Morrison Testing

Bottle 2364

was Found by Kelsie Sand Point, Washington

Bottle 5410

was Found by Robert Wellington Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

Bottle 3703

was Tossed by Lauren Mahoney Mangamaire River

Bottle 5410

was Found by Jack Young Bennelong Point Sydney‎ NSW‎ 2000 Australia

Bottle 164

was Tossed by Grant Young test castaway location

Bottle 4070

was Tossed by Sally Koch Test Location

Bottle 5810

was Tossed by Libby Cape Spear NL

Bottle 5040

was Tossed by H & A ST JOHNS CANADA

Bottle 5065

was Tossed by Immanuel Christian School Halifax, Nova Scotia

Bottle 163

was Tossed by Grant Young test

Bottle 5332

was Tossed by Autumn And Steven Middle of the Atlantic Ocean on our Honeymoon Cruise.

Bottle 5988

was Tossed by Brooklynn Sea view park, Halifax, ns

Bottle 6012

was Tossed by Avery fishing point St.Anthony NL

Bottle 5608

was Found by Jarrett Nanaimo

Bottle 4245

was Tossed by Max And Tara East end of PEI on the end of Bothwell Beach road.

Bottle 2096

was Found by Rona Learmonth Cunningsburgh. Shetland

Bottle 4189

was Found by Andrew shoal channel

Bottle 2594

was Tossed by Keisha Marche corner brook newfoundland and labrador

Bottle 5720

was Tossed by Tom canada, fredericton [n.b] saint john river golf club road

Bottle 4189

was Found by Yvonne gibsons bc

Bottle 3719

was Tossed by Ryan From our boat ride between Koh Phi Phi Don island and Phuket Thailand

Bottle 2375

was Tossed by Rhonda King The ferry run, between Burnside & St Brendan,s. Nl , Canada

Bottle 3860

was Found by Steve Cortes Island, B.C.

Bottle 5882

was Tossed by Faith And Hayden A beach in Belize our auntie Jess is going there and will throw it in the ocean

Bottle 5894

was Tossed by Brenton Snook hi :D

Bottle 2364

was Tossed by Bridgit Kelsey Concannon Ogden Point Lighthouse in Victoria,BC Canada

Bottle 5817

was Tossed by Liadan Taylor Georgia Strait between Nanaimo and Vancouver BC

Bottle 5955

was Tossed by Ben Taylor Georgia Strait - Between Nanaimo BC and Vancouver BC

Bottle 5918

was Found by Adriana French Beach Provincial Park

Bottle 2090

was Tossed by Landen Smith Hells Gate GA inter coastal waterway June 26th 2016 from the deck of my boat Poppys buoy

Bottle 3254

was Tossed by Mitchell Myers we throw the bottle in between Vancouver and Vancouver island on the water of the Ferry.

Bottle 6003

was Found by Steven Metzger SE Emerson Bridge Alberta Canada

Bottle 3899

was Found by Marc Point Roberts,Wash

Bottle 5202

was Found by Kerrissa Irving Nature Park Saint John, NB

Bottle 2808

was Tossed by Dale Colbourne Ferry crossing from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia

Bottle 5787

was Tossed by Shirley Turner Cape Spear, Nfld., the eastern most point of North America.

Bottle 2657

was Tossed by John And Ron Canso Causeway, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 4222

was Tossed by Kira Mulindwa We placed our bottle in at Pipers Lagoon in Nanaimo BC Canada . One of my favourite places to walk and look for sea glass

Bottle 5690

was Found by Jaa savory island,bc

Bottle 3880

was Found by Harris Turner Southend of San Juan Island

Bottle 3629

was Tossed by Brendan I threw this in the water,about 20-30 miles,away from Victoria,B.C,off of a cruise ship,heading towards Seattle,WA.

Bottle 5900

was Tossed by Susan Stolle Cape Spear, Newfoundland

Bottle 5907

was Tossed by Alexandria Dunne Conception Bay South beach Newfoundland Canada!

Bottle 5227

was Tossed by Karrie Farmer Off the Coast of Nain, Labrador.

Bottle 5232

was Tossed by Sofia Manotick, outside Watson's Mill.

Bottle 5752

was Found by Joseph Fortier PEI National Park, Covehead Harbour lighthouse

Bottle 3860

was Tossed by Sonja Bailey Ferry between Comox and Powell River, BC

Bottle 3458

was Tossed by Winston Lockyer hi threw my bottle over board in a tiny isle in the bay called isle valen where I have a cabin and fish from there

Bottle 5102

was Tossed by Abby Dolomont point pleasant park, halifax nova scotia

Bottle 2479

was Tossed by Jessica & Brandon Cavendish,Newfoundland

Bottle 4309

was Tossed by Ron Rowe Cast away from a jetty at Glenelg near Adelaide.

Bottle 4381

was Found by Heather Broere macdougal beach newfoundland canada.sept 10 2013

Bottle 3178

was Tossed by Scott Nicolle The ocean at the beautiful Majestic Elegance in the Punta Cana , Dominican Republic

Bottle 5573

was Tossed by Ayla Langford Iberostar Paraiso Resort beach

Bottle 3211

was Tossed by Bernice And Stevemeade We were on a cruise ship coming from Alaska entering into British Columbia when we tossed it overboard.

Bottle 3628

was Tossed by Annalise Gardner Seattle pier 66 Washington!

Bottle 5379

was Tossed by Jake Northumberland Strait (tossed from a lobster boat), Prince Edward Island Canada

Bottle 5590

was Tossed by Dennis Koenig I cast this bottle from the MS VEENDAM Cruse Ship Between Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada & Boston, Massachuesetts, U.S.A.

Bottle 3730

was Tossed by Ronnie & Clinton Departure Bay To Horseshoe Bay, BC Ferry

Bottle 3163

was Found by Bailey Gibson Pebbles beach in sechelt B.C. off the pier

Bottle 3975

was Found by Mike Burin, under the boardwalk

Bottle 3897

was Tossed by Bill And Linda Georgia Strait

Bottle 5069

was Tossed by Justin&katie Bates Dominion Beach is located on the east coast of Cape Breton which is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean

Bottle 5903

was Found by Ellen Macdonald Arisaig

Bottle 2760

was Tossed by Emily Wignall Fogo island ferry, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 4269

was Tossed by Melissa Anthony Middle Cove Beach Lookout

Bottle 4317

was Tossed by Elizabeth I tossed the bottle in Elliston, Newfoundland on a point locally known as Maberly. My mom, my aunt Nay, my Uncle Chris and my nan were with me when I tossed my message in the bottle.

Bottle 5436

was Tossed by Maria Kings county, Prince Edward Island Canada

Bottle 5664

was Tossed by David Wu Vancouver island

Bottle 5763

was Tossed by Tyronebrandon Carbonear, Freshwater. Newfoundland. Off a cliff, into the ocean-

Bottle 2054

was Tossed by Brittany And Abby Off the coast of Twillingate, Newfoundland.

Bottle 3975

was Tossed by Roxanne Mooring Cove Beach, Mooring Cove, NL

Bottle 4337

was Tossed by Emma Caribion sea

Bottle 5435

was Tossed by Aaron Heeks Halifax, NS Cable Wharf

Bottle 5752

was Tossed by Sheri We sent this away in Sea View PEI.

Bottle 3594

was Tossed by Aidan Murphy Port Renfrew, BC (Vancouver Island), Canada

Bottle 5640

was Tossed by Sloth Sailing Crew San Juan Channel off of Friday Harbor

Bottle 5903

was Tossed by Andrew And Aaron Gillis Beach near Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Bottle 3702

was Tossed by Sarah Collins On the BC Ferries between Departure Bay and Horse Shoe Bay. 🌊⛴

Bottle 6090

was Tossed by Jessica And Josh Long Reach Island, Newfoundland

Bottle 2468

was Tossed by Vivian Boswarlos Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 2580

was Tossed by Owen Parsons Our castaway location was on a ferry coming from St. Pierre to Fortune, NL. The pic is of my son being silly before he tossed his bottle in the ocean

Bottle 2687

was Tossed by The Moss Family Brigus beach, Conception bay, Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 2816

was Tossed by Natasha Crocker Norris Point, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 3073

was Tossed by Paige Wood BC Ferry between Duke Point and Tsawwasen.

Bottle 3286

was Tossed by Chloe Wood BC Ferry between Duke point and Tsawwassen

Bottle 3641

was Tossed by Cole Paris Straight of Georgia off Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Bottle 6032

was Tossed by Adam And Kelsey Rice Point, PEI, CANADA

Bottle 2801

was Tossed by Ashton Macdonald I tossed this bottle from the shores of Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse in Rocky Harbour, NL, Canada.

Bottle 2818

was Tossed by Anna Bottle cove lark harbour NL

Bottle 3561

was Tossed by Jamie & Amiee Southern Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 4372

was Tossed by Hayden Fisher Channel, BC

Bottle 5744

was Tossed by Kisa North Cape , Prince Edward Island, Canada

Bottle 6039

was Tossed by Tammy Scott I am in Saint John N.B. Canada. It is a wonderful city, full of great history. The Loyalist City! Please feel free to Google and read more about my home town

Bottle 6047

was Tossed by Christen And Max Rustico Beach, PEI Canada

Bottle 5187

was Found by Marlene Wilson Confederation Bridge P.E.I. Canada

Bottle 5603

was Tossed by Tara On the ferry off the coast from Victoria

Bottle 5738

was Tossed by Blake Grant Stanhope Beach in Prince Edward Island, on Monday August 26th, 2013

Bottle 5968

was Tossed by Will, Gabrielle And Holly Quidi Vidi, St. John's Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 5694

was Found by Peter grylls point, Texada Island

Bottle 2121

was Tossed by Zachary Richibucto Dunes

Bottle 4363

was Tossed by Janice Bearns Freshwater Bay just outside of the Narrows of St. John's Harbour. St.John's Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 5602

was Tossed by Dawna The BC ferry between Nanaimo and North Vancouver, Horeshoe Bay.

Bottle 5918

was Tossed by Laura Crystal Cove RV Resort on Mackenzie Beach in Tofino, BC, Canada

Bottle 6033

was Tossed by Kyra&matt beach in shediac, New Brunswick, Canada.

Bottle 6069

was Tossed by Mark Dalley The most eastern point in North America, Cape Spear, NL

Bottle 2015

was Tossed by Chris Jerrett Cavendish, Newfoundland

Bottle 2681

was Tossed by Tammie Givogue We were whale watching with Twillingate Adventure Tours off Twillingate Island, Newfoundland and tossed it off the boat at Rags Island.

Bottle 3569

was Tossed by Ashley Bonnell Flatrock, NL, Canada

Bottle 5275

was Tossed by Melissa Bonnell Flatrock, NL

Bottle 5690

was Tossed by Kelly Burke Nanaimo, Neck Point

Bottle 5334

was Found by Pauline White White Sands

Bottle 5334

was Found by Pauline White White Sands

Bottle 5607

was Found by Holly Birch Bay, WA

Bottle 5243

was Tossed by Mackay 43 42.32 N 064 05.13W Course 212 Position 0207GMT While out on a curse to Cannda

Bottle 5923

was Tossed by Lori Bellerby Myrtle Beach, USA

Bottle 3899

was Found by Nikki, Rachel And Katie Point Roberts, WA

Bottle 2424

was Tossed by Abbey Moores norris point beach NL

Bottle 2713

was Tossed by Oldric Clarke Lobster Cove Head. Lighthouse rocky shore. Rocky Hr. NL Canada

Bottle 2722

was Tossed by Elizabeth Clarke Norris Point beach NL

Bottle 2728

was Tossed by Luke Moores Norris Point Beach, NL

Bottle 5181

was Tossed by Jon & Ashlee L Pei side of confederation bridge

Bottle 5202

was Tossed by Michaela Bay of fundy, Saint John New Brunswick, Canada

Bottle 5446

was Tossed by Jenna Del Grosso out in the Atlantic Ocean sailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia to New York, New York (we think closer to Massachusetts)

Bottle 5671

was Tossed by Jill, Marvin & Brady Haro Strait, between Canada and the United States.

Bottle 6044

was Tossed by Mason & Matthew Molloy Brigus South, Newfoundland

Bottle 6119

was Found by Ben Power St. Phillips

Bottle 5943

was Tossed by Brooklyn topsail beach newfoundland, canada

Bottle 3529

was Tossed by Jon Queen of Coquitlam Ferry, BC, Canada

Bottle 3837

was Tossed by Dyan Basin Head, PEI

Bottle 5143

was Tossed by William ÃŽle-du-Prince-Edward, Canada

Bottle 5542

was Tossed by Sofia Hebel-pieper Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 5624

was Tossed by Shannon Patrick Penney Port aux basques Atlantic Ocean I went out in boat to throw it!

Bottle 3237

was Tossed by Shary Off Cranberry lighthouse at Canso Nova Scotia Canada

Bottle 5264

was Tossed by Fred & Kelly Gerra Our castaway point for our bottle was from the most easternly point in North America - Cape Spear, Newfoundland. Fred threw it from the rocky shores of Cape Spear into a beautiful day!

Bottle 5496

was Tossed by Paige Blackhead shore, Newfoundland

Bottle 5557

was Tossed by Kimberley Frazee About halfway across the Gulf of st. Lawrence...between Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland and North Sydney, Nova Scotia. (thrown off the deck of the Marine Atlantic MV Highlander)

Bottle 2749

was Tossed by Ruth Meade Off Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 2788

was Tossed by Maura Swim Tossed out into Chedabucto Bay, off the coast of Canso, Nova Scotia behind Hog Island.

Bottle 4225

was Tossed by Deaver Family Anacortes, WA

Bottle 5334

was Found by Dawn & Alan Murray Harbour, PEI, Canada

Bottle 2579

was Tossed by Jack Byrne Ritters Arm, NL

Bottle 2683

was Tossed by Autumn-bree Burry on a rocky bridge

Bottle 3887

was Tossed by John Richmond Davis Strait between western Greenland and Baffin Island,Nunavut

Bottle 5072

was Tossed by Jennifer Cape Turner, Cavendish, P.E.I.

Bottle 5130

was Tossed by Charlotte Peakes Quay CharlotteTown PEI Canada

Bottle 5555

was Tossed by Eva I threw it in the water in Eastport beach, Newfoundland of some rocks on the beach, my cottage is right down the road and it's lovely .

Bottle 2530

was Tossed by Stephan-kristy Porte Aux Basque

Bottle 3655

was Tossed by Peggy Hernando Island. North of Lund, British Columbia, Canada

Bottle 5607

was Tossed by Terri Gnam Fiery between Victoria and Vancouver in the Pacific ocean

Bottle 5608

was Tossed by Merril And Mary Ness Beach off Hammond Drive, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

Bottle 2573

was Tossed by Carla Lark Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 5205

was Tossed by Keir Family Mount Carmel P.E.I.

Bottle 5334

was Tossed by Madison And Emma This message started its journey in the Northumberland Straight. We tossed it from the ferry half way between PEI and Nova Scotia.

Bottle 4189

was Found by David & Janel Princess Louisa

Bottle 2359

was Tossed by Zac Beatty-taylor Hopewell Rocks

Bottle 3331

was Tossed by Donna Jesso Change Islands Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 3785

was Tossed by Emily Sandy beach on Prince Edward Island

Bottle 3833

was Tossed by Paul Ross L'Aboiteau beach, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick, Canada

Bottle 5128

was Found by Rodney Bennett Felix Cove, NL

Bottle 5187

was Tossed by Jack Pei, Canada , Noonan shore

Bottle 5848

was Tossed by The Ozero's We threw the bottle off the 'Port aux Basque' ferry that was heading from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia!

Bottle 4260

was Tossed by Melissa Bay bulls while on whale watching tour

Bottle 4263

was Tossed by Matt St.croix Bay bulls while on a whale watching tour

Bottle 4276

was Tossed by Sara St. Croix BayBulls, Newfoundland. (The ocean)

Bottle 4277

was Tossed by Matt & Melissa Victoria bc canada

Bottle 5694

was Tossed by Monica Georgia Strait between /Nanaimo and Horshoe Bay

Bottle 3808

was Tossed by Cole, Callan, Katie And Emily Visiting Nana and Poppy in St John's Newfoundland, we received a gift from Brown's in Whiteway to send a message far away. We live in Mississauga and we love our other home in Newfoundland. Cole 8,

Bottle 3873

was Tossed by Haley Wade boat tour off NORRIS Point in Rocky Harbour. NL

Bottle 5299

was Tossed by Darragh And Devin Middle Cove Beach, just outside of St. John's, Newfoundland on a beautiful August day

Bottle 5667

was Tossed by Rachelle Port aux Basque Channel

Bottle 5510

was Tossed by Eliza Net point,salvage

Bottle 5711

was Tossed by Cheryl Mcmanus Castaway was done in Crow Island, New Brunswick Canada

Bottle 5147

was Found by Ian Mcmaster Anvil island, Howe sound BC

Bottle 5403

was Found by Jennifer Thomas Mira Gut Beach in Mira Cape Breton, NS

Bottle 5403

was Found by Jennifer Thomas Mira Gut Beach in Mira Cape Breton, NS

Bottle 5396

was Tossed by Caitlyn Lingan Wharf, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 5623

was Tossed by Sarah Anderson Our cast away point is St. John's Newfoundland CA

Bottle 5710

was Tossed by Erin Kuhns Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 5734

was Tossed by Lisa Sharman O'brian's whale watching boat - threw the bottle in the ocean off the coast of Bay Bulls Newfoundland

Bottle 3689

was Tossed by Holly Newfoundland

Bottle 4219

was Tossed by Oliver BC ferry

Bottle 4342

was Tossed by Wanda Cast on Aug. 8th, 2013 Port Aux Basques to North Sydney Ferry, SW of Newfoundland by Uncle Cluney and Aunt Carol

Bottle 5037

was Tossed by Kristy, Kailey, Taylor Malagash beach, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 5122

was Tossed by Sarah The bay of fundy national park in New Brunswick

Bottle 5395

was Tossed by Tammy Wadden My cast away location was off a cliff in glacé bay Nova Scotia Canada

Bottle 5635

was Tossed by Alisha Grand Bend, Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada

Bottle 5637

was Tossed by Mia Off the back of our boat, Lulu, in the Strait of Georgia near Saturna island

Bottle 5912

was Tossed by Lauren Grand Bend, Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada

Bottle 3227

was Tossed by Landon Grouchy witless bay ecological reserve.

Bottle 3503

was Tossed by Brogan Graham Cape Spear, Newfoundland . This is the most Easterly point in North America.

Bottle 3714

was Tossed by Alishia Bonavista, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 4340

was Tossed by Shane prince edward island canada.

Bottle 4236

was Tossed by Emily St Albans, off the point of Simians beach

Bottle 5420

was Tossed by The Truemans We cast our bottle over the side of our boat while sailing in Cardigan Bay, PEI, Canada

Bottle 2334

was Tossed by Sarah I have thrown this bottle in the ocean at St. Anthony, Newfounland.

Bottle 3163

was Tossed by Neil & Jana Georgia Strait, off the UBC point

Bottle 3501

was Tossed by Shona Middle of the Atlantic Ocean in between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

Bottle 3768

was Tossed by Sam Craig Beach in Portugal!

Bottle 5454

was Tossed by Alex And Adam We tossed the bottle off the point of Panmure Head, Prince Edward Island, Canada, near the lighthouse.

Bottle 5981

was Tossed by Gail Babstock Clarenville

Bottle 6006

was Tossed by Joshua Byrne Drumheller alberta

Bottle 6013

was Tossed by Emma Byrne Drumheller alberta

Bottle 4289

was Tossed by Hannah The middle of Georgia Strait, launched from a B.C. Ferry.

Bottle 5393

was Tossed by Riley H. Union Beach, New Jersey

Bottle 5397

was Tossed by Jennifer Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 6003

was Tossed by Nathan Drummheller,Alberta

Bottle 2561

was Tossed by Ryan Kean Thrown overboard around Flower's Island, Bonavista Bay, NL.

Bottle 3810

was Tossed by Derek Rockvam Greens point

Bottle 3905

was Tossed by Zoe Desmarais Pipers Lagoon, Nanaimo, B.C.

Bottle 4129

was Tossed by Candice Endicott Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 5255

was Tossed by Molly Van Brabant Wees Beach (Tyrie Dr.), Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Bottle 5618

was Tossed by Abby Wells St. John's, Newfoundland

Bottle 5747

was Tossed by Katie Dead Man's Cove Harbour Breton Newfouldland

Bottle 2516

was Tossed by Brady And Brooklyn Nichol Off the rocks in Twillingate Nfld!

Bottle 3271

was Tossed by Tyler Squibb Off the Ferry Boat in the Gulf of St Lawrence between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Bottle 3778

was Tossed by S. Schuller Baxter's Harbour, Nova Scotia (Bay of Fundy)

Bottle 5361

was Tossed by Madison PEI Ferry

Bottle 5503

was Tossed by Aidan Atlantic Ocean

Bottle 5567

was Tossed by Riley Macinnis Woods Island, Prince Edward Island

Bottle 5582

was Tossed by Carter Maclean PEI

Bottle 5617

was Tossed by Riley Smith Topsil Beach, NFLD CANADA

Bottle 5663

was Tossed by Cayden Smith Topsail Beach St. John's Newfoundland

Bottle 2492

was Tossed by Taylor Mouland Island off Newfoundland called duck island on the northeast coast.

Bottle 3653

was Tossed by Hiccup Hood River, Oregon.

Bottle 3717

was Tossed by Jw ST Johns

Bottle 4188

was Tossed by Stephanie Cave Brighton, NL Canada

Bottle 5512

was Tossed by Alexandra And Natalie Burnside, Newfoundland

Bottle 5930

was Tossed by Jayleen The beach is called Mackenzie Beach in Tofino British Columbia, Canada. It has soft sand and LOTS of interesting things like sea shells and sea weed.

Bottle 2356

was Tossed by Dale Fisher Western Brook in Rocky Harbour Newfoundland.

Bottle 3799

was Tossed by Jennifer Trankalis Off Black Rock, West Dover, Nova Scotia Canada. In the Atlantic Ocean! 5930 13817.3 30290.9

Bottle 5509

was Tossed by Treena Danylo Eastport Newfoundland! A beautiful seaside community on the east coast of Canada! Tossed overboard just off the coast of Salvage NL

Bottle 2438

was Tossed by Robert Mouland Northeast coast of Newfoundland near an island called duck island off Ladle Cove.

Bottle 2671

was Tossed by Katie Smith Ferry from Fogo Island to Farewell Newfoundland

Bottle 4189

was Tossed by Donna Lund Habour

Bottle 5335

was Tossed by Abby Arbing And Julia Austin Thunder Cove, Darnley,PEI,Canada

Bottle 5260

was Tossed by Hailey Went deep sea fishing off a fishing boat in in PEI ...North Rustico Harbor.

Bottle 5309

was Tossed by Carissa Went deep sea fishing off a fishing boat in in PEI ...North Rustico Harbor.

Bottle 2501

was Tossed by Bennett Moss Herring Neck, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 5658

was Tossed by Michelle & Twila Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America.

Bottle 2377

was Tossed by Gracie Eastport. Sandy Cove Beach

Bottle 3366

was Tossed by Jill Rockey harbor/ Gros Morne national park

Bottle 3436

was Tossed by Kate Rockey harbour/Gros Morn nashonal park

Bottle 3521

was Tossed by Michelle Bay Bulls, Newfoundland - CANADA

Bottle 3548

was Tossed by Tracie Scott on a whale watching tour in NewFoundland, Canada

Bottle 4048

was Tossed by Kadendevyn Wickaninnish Beach Tofino, BC

Bottle 4133

was Tossed by Jan Delvecchio Bay Bulls, NL

Bottle 4214

was Tossed by Chris peggy's cove, nova Scotia, canada

Bottle 5015

was Tossed by Dominic Launched from Wells Beach, ME USA

Bottle 5428

was Tossed by David, Terrin, And Michelle Belle River, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Bottle 6102

was Tossed by Michelle Oliver Conception Bay

Bottle 6103

was Tossed by Maisie Newhook Conception Bay

Bottle 6104

was Tossed by Shirin Kiahosseini Conception Bay

Bottle 6105

was Tossed by Patricia Furey Conception Bay

Bottle 6106

was Tossed by Lorna Coffin Conception Bay

Bottle 6107

was Tossed by Susan Herdman Conception Bay

Bottle 6108

was Tossed by Barbara Anne Collins Brown Conception Bay

Bottle 6109

was Tossed by Joy Pilgrim Conception Bay

Bottle 6110

was Tossed by Brian Duggan Conception Bay

Bottle 6111

was Tossed by Mary March Conception Bay

Bottle 6112

was Tossed by Gerard Connors Conception Bay

Bottle 6113

was Tossed by Gerine Collingwood Conception Bay

Bottle 6114

was Tossed by Ben Hayley Conception Bay

Bottle 6115

was Tossed by Linda Winter Conception Bay

Bottle 6116

was Tossed by Tara Lee Conception Bay

Bottle 6117

was Tossed by Lalena Nicholas Conception Bay

Bottle 6118

was Tossed by Austin Osmond Conception Bay

Bottle 6119

was Tossed by Cora Bennett Conception Bay

Bottle 6120

was Tossed by Garry Bendell Conception Bay

Bottle 6121

was Tossed by George Payne Conception Bay

Bottle 6122

was Tossed by Harold J. O'keefe Conception Bay

Bottle 6123

was Tossed by Christine Howse Conception Bay

Bottle 6124

was Tossed by Sheila Hogan Conception Bay

Bottle 6125

was Tossed by Bill Molloy Conception Bay

Bottle 6126

was Tossed by Anna Cassidy Conception Bay

Bottle 3266

was Tossed by Kelsey And Kendra Gross Morne

Bottle 3592

was Tossed by Jolene And Dene Cove

Bottle 5437

was Tossed by The Kells Pointe Desroches Beach in Blooming Point Prince Edward Island, Canada

Bottle 3899

was Found by Nicole Point Roberts, WA

Bottle 5533

was Tossed by Jess Deer Island Point, New Brunswick, Canada

Bottle 5074

was Tossed by Lily & Ashley Cavendish PEI

Bottle 5338

was Tossed by Mark Paisley I live in Ontario but am visiting Nova Scotia

Bottle 3712

was Tossed by Rose Kottis Bulls Bay, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 5385

was Tossed by Liam Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Bottle 3169

was Tossed by Simin Family Tossed from the Ruby Princess cruise ship during sunset while in the Strait Of Messina, off the coast of Sicily.

Bottle 3899

was Tossed by Kostia Vancouver island

Bottle 5135

was Tossed by Dylan Fort Adams, Newport, RI

Bottle 2467

was Tossed by Katelyn And Emily Somerville Little Wild Cove in Twillingate, Newfoundland -Canada. We are on a rocky/pebble - beach/cove.

Bottle 3554

was Tossed by Richard C Off the coast of Newfoundland nears spears cove

Bottle 3648

was Tossed by Victoria Robinson Desoloution sound bc

Bottle 3654

was Tossed by Madeline Robinson Resolution sound bc

Bottle 4132

was Tossed by Nicole And Mark Alaska, USA

Bottle 4381

was Tossed by The Hamilton Family We dropped the bottle off a fishing boat during a half day fishing trip in Prince Edward Island CA

Bottle 5306

was Tossed by Janet Robertson North Point, Prince Edward Island

Bottle 5336

was Tossed by The Meaneys Thrown in the gulf of st. Lawerence off the northern red sand coast of Prince Edward Island,CA

Bottle 5341

was Tossed by Rhyannon Beautiful Peggy's Cove

Bottle 6008

was Tossed by Belinda Hart I dropped this bottle in Newfoundland while on vacation.

Bottle 2675

was Tossed by The Thibodeau Twillingate Newfoundland Whale watching boat tour

Bottle 3512

was Tossed by Amanda Perez Whale watching off the coast of Bay Bulls near St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 3543

was Tossed by Karen Newberry I tossed the bottle overboard from a whale watching vessel off the coast of Newfoundland, the easternmost province in Canada.

Bottle 4384

was Tossed by Carter S Upper Cape, New Brunswick, Canada

Bottle 5011

was Tossed by Robyn Biddle Prince Edward Island

Bottle 5086

was Tossed by Ashley Jones I cast the bottle off of the deck of the Carnival Glory in the Northern Atlantic off the coast of Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Bottle 2569

was Tossed by Heather Angnatok A rocky shoreline at St. Barbe, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 2576

was Tossed by Andy St. John's Harbour Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 3284

was Tossed by Jodie Gibson South Coast of Labrador

Bottle 4378

was Tossed by Laura & Tom Burchill Twin Shores Campground, PEI on the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Bottle 5128

was Tossed by Jamie & Haley Dawe A boat inbetween P.E.I and Nova Scotia in the Atlantic Ocean! We were on a boat called N.V confederation!

Bottle 5619

was Tossed by Melanie Swerdfeger The Atlantic Vision St John's NFLD ferry

Bottle 5631

was Tossed by Howard Middlecove Beach in Newfoundland.

Bottle 4198

was Tossed by Deanna Off a Bridge in PEI

Bottle 5312

was Tossed by Nick north rustico beach, prince edward island, canada

Bottle 3455

was Tossed by Laurel, Trent, Brandon, Justin & Corbin Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada The most Easternly point in North America

Bottle 3880

was Tossed by Harris Turner My bottle was put in the ocean off Vancouver Island in Canada

Bottle 5583

was Tossed by Benjamin Cavendish Beach PEI, Canada

Bottle 4375

was Tossed by Quinn Covehead beach P.E.I

Bottle 5403

was Tossed by Heather/keira We are in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We are going to release it in the hopes something magical will happen to the person who finds it

Bottle 2741

was Tossed by Benjamin Lundrigan Outer Cove Beach, Outer Cove, NL

Bottle 2746

was Tossed by Michael Lundrigan Outer Cove Beach Outer Cove. NL

Bottle 5592

was Tossed by Diane Of the coast of Halifax, NS during a whale watching tour

Bottle 3645

was Tossed by Evelyn Thurman Desolation, BC. Canada

Bottle 3920

was Tossed by Adam Kelowna BC, Canada

Bottle 2469

was Tossed by Wally, Donna, Peter, Rosemary, Victoria & Abigail Berndt Cape Spear, Newfoundland

Bottle 2500

was Tossed by Jenna Parsons Beach in Islington Newfoundland

Bottle 3207

was Tossed by Erin O'keefe Placentia Lift Bridge, NL

Bottle 3904

was Tossed by Avery Long Beach, Washington

Bottle 5106

was Tossed by Harriet Guajardo Traveling in Holland America Cruise Ship Ms. Veendam just leaving Bar Harbor, Maine, USA.

Bottle 5568

was Tossed by Rhiannon Irvin Waltons Beach, in Murray Corner, New Brunswick, Canada (right by the bridge to PEI)

Bottle 4151

was Tossed by Decourcey Family The bottle was thrown into the ocean at Red Point, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Bottle 5241

was Tossed by Émilie Bortolussi-courval Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 5258

was Tossed by Ashley O Keefe & Friends Topsail Beach in Torbay, Newfoundland

Bottle 3831

was Tossed by Blair Smith This bottle is starting its travels from Hubbards Beach, Nova Scotia. This is where we camp and swim in the ocean every summer. It is a 30 minute drive from Halifax. The capital of Nova Scotia. We

Bottle 5424

was Tossed by Skuckk And Jokeman PEI, Georgetown

Bottle 4135

was Tossed by Levi A beach on Vancouver island, Nanimo

Bottle 5389

was Tossed by Ian Ferguson McCallum's Pt. is a cove off Northumberland St. very near Summerside PEI.

Bottle 4388

was Tossed by Reese & Brody Kupsky Off ferry between PEI.CA and NS.CA

Bottle 5600

was Tossed by Michelle Cousins North Rustico. PEI Out from Alberta, Canada visiting!

Bottle 5004

was Tossed by Brian We castaway in the bay of Fundy Atlantic ocean

Bottle 2452

was Tossed by Paige Newbury Kings Point, NL, Canada

Bottle 3919

was Tossed by Lauren Dales Newcastle Island, Nanaimo.

Bottle 4397

was Tossed by Kevin Charlottetown Harbour, PEI, Canada

Bottle 5394

was Tossed by Kasey Dunn A small island in the bay.

Bottle 2564

was Tossed by Braeden Donnelly At the kincardine harbour on lake huron on july 3rd 2013

Bottle 3158

was Tossed by Lynn Lawson While we were whale watching east of St. John's Newfoundland.

Bottle 3345

was Tossed by Reaghan Donnelly kincardine harbour lake huron

Bottle 3806

was Tossed by Demetrios Kanelos Newfoundland, Salmon Cove

Bottle 4173

was Tossed by Michelle North cove point, PEI.

Bottle 3802

was Tossed by Jordan July 2 2013 salt spring island

Bottle 4275

was Tossed by Dale Witless Bay, Newfoundland. North Atlantic.

Bottle 4192

was Tossed by Scott Campbell river bc

Bottle 2584

was Tossed by Madeleine Long Point Twillingate Newfoundland Canada (During a boat tour to see whale and icebergs)

Bottle 2709

was Tossed by Tilda Garcia Long Point Twillingate, Newfoundland Canada (During a boat tour to see whales ans icebergs)

Bottle 4250

was Tossed by Breanna ballantyne's cove cape george antigonish county nova scotia canada

Bottle 5287

was Tossed by Krista Bartels Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet BC Canada

Bottle 5147

was Tossed by Anna Lehtomäki Nanaimo to Vancouver ferry

Bottle 2558

was Tossed by Dylan & Niko Jones Twillingate, NL

Bottle 3536

was Tossed by Kappos Family Victoria, British Columbia

Bottle 5384

was Tossed by Madeline,paola And Abby Halifax waterfront

Bottle 3477

was Tossed by Jaykob Stone From the deck of a ferry on the Strait of Belle Isle.

Bottle 4171

was Tossed by Maia, Will And Ella Ingonish Beach Nova Scotia. Off the point at the end of Keltic Lodge, near Steering Island.

Bottle 4196

was Tossed by Meredith Craswell Thrown off the ferry between pei and ns July 6, 2012

Bottle 5281

was Tossed by Jp North Rustico

Bottle 5228

was Tossed by Paige Georgetown, Prince Edward Island

Bottle 3131

was Tossed by Girl Scout Troop #1984 Grand Princess Cruise Ship in Victoria, Canada

Bottle 4396

was Tossed by Dustin Kelly CANADA

Bottle 5410

was Tossed by Jacob Boston ,Massachusetts usa

Bottle 2332

was Tossed by Cameron Norris Point Newfoundland Canada A rocky beach in a sheltered area of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bottle 2512

was Tossed by Stacey, Max & David Off a dock in Labrador Canada

Bottle 4218

was Tossed by Michael Boone Lawrences town

Bottle 4224

was Tossed by Dawson Lawerance Town beach

Bottle 5085

was Tossed by Cherie Cast overboard the Holland America cruiseship Ms.Veendam, between BarHarbor, Maine & Boston, Mass. USA

Bottle 5414

was Tossed by Krista Blaker Eastpoint lighthouse

Bottle 3707

was Tossed by Margaret Sinclair East of Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 3838

was Tossed by Mya Martinez on a cruise ship. leaving barharbor maine

Bottle 4386

was Tossed by Sara/krislyn Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Bedford Basin

Bottle 3466

was Tossed by Hunter My bottle was tossed out off Cape John in La Scie, Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 3195

was Tossed by Katelyn Wiebe Kamloops, BC

Bottle 5265

was Tossed by Karsen Woods I threw this off of Dallas Road: Victoria, British Columbia.

Bottle 2360

was Tossed by Chanel Heading back to Vancouver from beautiful Victoria

Bottle 3866

was Tossed by Sarah White Cape Spear NL easternmost point in North America.

Bottle 2224

was Tossed by Sandra Long Point Lighthouse, Twillingate, NL, Canada

Bottle 4128

was Tossed by Tanner Darke Queen Charolette Sound, British Columbia, Canada

Bottle 4211

was Tossed by Tony Kulbisky Inner Harbour Victoria,BC Canada

Bottle 3347

was Tossed by Mary The bottle was dropped off of a dock in Port Townsend WA USA

Bottle 3767

was Tossed by Alex Off a boat between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Bottle 4207

was Tossed by Hannah Bayers Lawrence town beach, Canada nova scotia.

Bottle 3168

was Tossed by Traci HALEIWA BEACH PARK, HALEIWA HI 96712

Bottle 3901

was Tossed by Marcus Romero vancouver island

Bottle 4358

was Tossed by Caitlin Stead The Royal Newfoundland Yacht club, C.B.S. Newfoundland.

Bottle 3172

was Tossed by Reg Smith Grand Bank, NL

Bottle 2547

was Tossed by Sara Burt ATLANTIC OCEAN

Bottle 2811

was Tossed by Ava And Anna We dropped our bottle in Lourdes de Blanc Sablon in the province of Quebec in Canada!

Bottle 3180

was Tossed by Jennifer Thompsen River (Channel) Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Bottle 2181

was Tossed by Randi Cast of the balcony of my cruise ship in between Grand Caymen and Miami, FL.

Bottle 3217

was Tossed by Sidsel Tofino BEach, BC

Bottle 4352

was Tossed by Maya Middle cove beach

Bottle 4190

was Tossed by Kaitlyn Chelsea O'Donnell's, St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 3588

was Tossed by Andrew on ferry boat between NL and NS

Bottle 4154

was Tossed by Cydney Carruthers Lawrencetown Beach, Nova scotia, Canada

Bottle 3100

was Tossed by Beth Parsons 20 miles off St. Brides in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, Canada. Northing 4654768m; Easting 5434039m

Bottle 3051

was Tossed by Jeff And Dianne Taylor Somewhere near the island of Ulong, part of the many islands of the country of Palau, in the Pacific Ocean.

Bottle 4180

was Tossed by William Historic site in town of Bay Roberts.

Bottle 3583

was Tossed by Sandi Noonan tryp resort, cayo coco, cuba, beach

Bottle 2348

was Tossed by Kassidy Hopkins It was tossed into the sea by a fisherman from a boat.

Bottle 3323

was Tossed by Grace Grand Palladium Resort Riviera Maya

Bottle 2123

was Tossed by Brandon Antle Grand Banks of Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 2206

was Tossed by Jeffrey Janes Grand Banks, NL

Bottle 3700

was Tossed by Sarah Giesbrecht Georgia Strait -Vancouver We are travelling back to Vancouver from Tofino on the BC Ferries

Bottle 3110

was Tossed by Tanisha O'grady Middle Cove Beach

Bottle 3715

was Tossed by Demaris Morey Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 2279

was Tossed by Richard Hardy my castaway location was the grand banks of nfld

Bottle 2781

was Tossed by Tom Healey Qatar.

Bottle 3259

was Tossed by Logan Reynolds Conception Bay North

Bottle 3264

was Tossed by Corey Reynolds Conception Bay North.

Bottle 3376

was Tossed by Kevin And Sarah Ucluelet, BC

Bottle 3069

was Tossed by Jacomie Georgia Victoria BC At floating house village. We ate food there, and saw seals, it was great!

Bottle 2283

was Tossed by Perla Golfo de Mexico, Veracruz

Bottle 2032

was Tossed by Haley North Beach Florida

Bottle 3155

was Tossed by Carolyne Etter Thrown from the North Head Trail in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Bottle 3230

was Tossed by Andrew Water Street Bay Roberts NL

Bottle 3728

was Tossed by Joan Oxford Approx. 50 miles South East of Miami in the Carribean Ocean!

Bottle 3048

was Tossed by Scott Stone Near Grand Turk, Caribbean

Bottle 3607

was Tossed by Cassandra Off the Carnival Glory cruise ship just outside the coast of Miami, Florida Feb 2nd or 3rd 2013.

Bottle 3608


Bottle 3726

was Tossed by Scott Stone On board the Carnival Glory off the coast of Grand Turks

Bottle 3595

was Tossed by Cindy Cranstoun Between St Thomas and Grand Turk

Bottle 3590

was Tossed by Stu Cranstoun Between St Thomas and Grand Turk.

Bottle 3220

was Tossed by Trudy I tossed my bottle off the coast of Turks and Caicos. Let me know if you find it

Bottle 3055

was Tossed by Trudy I tossed it over off the coast of Turks and Caicos

Bottle 3572

was Tossed by Deborah Whitty Grand Turk

Bottle 2130

was Tossed by Courtney Chan Rainbow Beach, Queensland, Australia (Eastern Coast of Australia)

Bottle 3156

was Tossed by Cary John This bottle was launched from the southern shore of St Pete Beach Florida on Pass A Grille Beach in an out going tide. The image on file is the exact location where the bottle was thrown in the Gulf o

Bottle 3385

was Tossed by Phil Hillier I am currently on an FPSO named Serpentinia 40 milses west of Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa.

Bottle 3236

was Tossed by Shawn Menchions Mercer's Cove. Bay Robert's, NL. I cast this bottle from behind my father's shed in our back yard. I was home for a visit for a week and am returning to NB today.

Bottle 2758

was Tossed by Marshall My pepere and Nan live in Newfoundland and that set this bottle afloat for me!

Bottle 3299

was Tossed by Everett My pepere and Nan set this bottle on it's adventure for me, in Newfoundland!

Bottle 3771

was Tossed by Brianna Olivia Charlotte Town P.E.I. Harbour

Bottle 3890

was Tossed by Bryce Eldridge Nanaimo. BC

Bottle 3339

was Tossed by Suann Dead man's cove, St. John's Newfoundland. Canada

Bottle 3459

was Tossed by Rebecca St. John's Newfoundland Canada. Beach is called Dead Man's Bay, close to Cape Spear.

Bottle 5368

was Tossed by Keaton & Kaleb Joudrey We through it off a boat between Martin's River and Zwicker's Island. We went to Zwicker's Island for our step dad's family cottage.

Bottle 5506

was Tossed by Emma 2km West of Bear Cove, NL in a boat

Bottle 5523

was Tossed by Alex 2KM West of Bear Cove, NL from a boat

Bottle 5238

was Tossed by Sarah New Waterford, Nova Scotia Canada

Bottle 2154

was Tossed by Michelle Pomeroy St. John's, Newfoundland

Bottle 2331

was Tossed by Noah West st modeste, Labrador

Bottle 2622

was Tossed by Lance Anstey We put the bottle in the water in Lewisporte, NL.

Bottle 3381

was Tossed by Michelle Off of BC Ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver

Bottle 2434

was Tossed by Jessica Twillingate newfoundland,crow head in mutfords cove

Bottle 2715

was Tossed by Lucky

Bottle 3064

was Tossed by Matthew Tuschhoff Seattle to Bainbridge ferry

Bottle 3349

was Tossed by Brendanhoulihan Town is witlessbay .the point is beard cive point.

Bottle 3389

was Tossed by Hannah Barron Thrown off the point by the playground in Clarenville

Bottle 3060

was Tossed by Hannah Fuller On the beach of the Crown Paradise Club in Cancun, Mexico.

Bottle 3067

was Tossed by Charlotte a beach in cancun mexico. the beach was right out side crown paradise family resort all enclusive

Bottle 3129

was Tossed by Blair Somewhere on the way to Flea Beach in Sooke, British Columbia, Canada.

Bottle 3219

was Tossed by Legouri Gaulton On a ferry between Blanc Sablon and St. Barb's, Newfoundland

Bottle 3463

was Tossed by Noelle Bellanger Mexico, Cancun, Azul Beaches Resort

Bottle 2393

was Tossed by Edward Ryan Marysvale

Bottle 2497

was Tossed by Helen Payne Argentia, NL Canada

Bottle 2395

was Tossed by Jim Simmons sent to sea at Cape Spear, St. Johns on September 13, 2012

Bottle 3006

was Tossed by Phil Hillier On board the British Petroleum FPSO named PSVM located 100 miles west of the entrance to the Congo River in Angolan waters. Block 31.

Bottle 2606

was Tossed by R Crocker On November 6th, I flew across Canada from St. John's to Vancouver. At 1pm, I boarded a British Columbia passenger ferry called Coastal Celebration on the final part of my journey home to Victoria on

Bottle 3369

was Tossed by Tyler & Kayleigh Topsail Beach, NFLD. Canada

Bottle 2714

was Tossed by Rebecca Rocky Harbour Newfoundland from the warf down by the fish plant.

Bottle 2663

was Tossed by Alex Evans Newfoundland Canada

Bottle 2609

was Tossed by Jenn & Cass St. John's, Newfoundland

Bottle 2586

was Tossed by Evan Myler I dropped this bottle off cape spear newfoundland, which is the most easterly point in canada!

Bottle 3306

was Tossed by Ethan P. Port Stanton- Sparrow Lake Ontario

Bottle 2397

was Tossed by Harry Barnes cornwall

Bottle 2184

was Found by Wayne Traverse Ferndale

Bottle 2623

was Tossed by Zachary & Laura D'entremont Fisherman's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 2477

was Tossed by Ray Cast away from Whiteway, NL

Bottle 3249

was Tossed by Jody Gale We launched our bottle in Dunn's Rier Fall Ocho Rios Jamaica

Bottle 2428

was Tossed by Justin Burden Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

Bottle 3290

was Tossed by Marissa Naomi Conception Bay South, NL

Bottle 2392

was Tossed by Colby Green Whiteway

Bottle 2197

was Tossed by Dylan & Ryan Taylor Off the the bow of the MV Atlantic Vision. Just off of the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 2759

was Tossed by Chelsea The head

Bottle 2588

was Tossed by Krumbolt St Barbe NL Sept 17, 2012

Bottle 3430

was Tossed by James Clarke Cabot Strait, Canada ( Between the island of Newfoundland and the island of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia )

Bottle 2042

was Tossed by Garrett Ostlund Trinity Bay NL.

Bottle 2417

was Found by Holly Smith And Jay Walsh Governor's Island, Newfoundland

Bottle 2337

was Tossed by Joshua Middle Cove Beach, Logy Bay, Nl

Bottle 2447

was Tossed by Gord And Anne Brundige Rocky Harbour

Bottle 2668

was Tossed by Aiden Ryland Thrown off the side of the MS Apollo crossing the Strait of Belle Isle on Sept 6,2012

Bottle 2527

was Found by Tara Hupaelo Trout River, Newfoundland

Bottle 2423

was Tossed by Tiffani Off marine alantic ferry

Bottle 2716

was Found by Jason topsail beach

Bottle 2560

was Tossed by Karen And Lee Huggins Lighthouse at Fortune Head Ecological area

Bottle 2313

was Tossed by Zachary thompson river kamloops b.c. canada

Bottle 2797

was Tossed by Pat Bay of Fundy

Bottle 2439

was Tossed by Chris Bortolotto Bottle Cove, Newfoundland, near Cornerbrook, NL

Bottle 2190

was Tossed by Jolene & Nancy Mackey Cape Spear, NL

Bottle 3422

was Tossed by Nicolette Off the Newfoundland ferry

Bottle 2726

was Tossed by The Post Family Victoria, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bottle 2374

was Tossed by Ryan Perks Middle Cove Beach

Bottle 3391

was Tossed by Katelyn Tossed into Outer Cove in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

Bottle 3011

was Tossed by Brian & Mel St. Phillips overlooking beautiful Conception Bay, Newfoundland. we are collecting some beach rocks for our wedding!!

Bottle 3272

was Tossed by Sydney Kelly Topsail Beach

Bottle 2202

was Tossed by Don Hodder Chimmey Cove, Kelly's Island

Bottle 2694

was Tossed by Jennifer Off the Marine Atlantic ferry somewhere between Port-aux-Basques and North Sydney.

Bottle 2292

was Tossed by Pascale Mangen St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Bottle 2730

was Found by Burnette Diamond change islands, nfld

Bottle 2578

was Tossed by Catherine/the Embree Family Off the Newfoundland ferry

Bottle 2577

was Tossed by Eric Cape Spears, NL

Bottle 2799

was Tossed by Isaac St. Johns, NL, CAN.

Bottle 3353

was Tossed by John Burke Burke's Island, Placentia Bay

Bottle 3015

was Tossed by Bruce Burke long hr., atlantic ocean

Bottle 3101

was Tossed by Geri Dunn long hr, placentia bay,nl

Bottle 3122

was Tossed by Helen Bruce Town long harbour

Bottle 2740

was Tossed by Dwaine Shears Rocky Harbour NL Canada

Bottle 2167

was Tossed by Lauren Martin the rocks at the end of water st in st Lawrence Newfoundland

Bottle 3076

was Tossed by Al Fogo Island North east coast of Newfoundland

Bottle 2245

was Tossed by Sierra Bilodeau I cast my bottle away on a whale watching boat in Newfoundland

Bottle 3398

was Tossed by Da Honeymooners Eastern Head off of Random Island, Newfoundland

Bottle 2794

was Tossed by Kean Family Cast from the Ferry returning from Fogo Island.

Bottle 2738

was Tossed by Savanna the warf in south brook

Bottle 2755

was Tossed by Heather Barnes & Jj Bursey Apollo passenger car carrier traveling through the Straits of Belle Isle or Labrador Straits.

Bottle 2765

was Tossed by Jackie Lushman We cast our bottle as we were crossing the Newfoundland Labrador ferry, Apollo. We were returning from our vacation to watch two of our kids participate in the NFLD Summer Games, 2012.

Bottle 149

was Tossed by Janice Stuckless

Bottle 2790

was Tossed by Ryan Gulliver

Bottle 2693

was Tossed by The Shearsseekers

Bottle 2648

was Tossed by The Shearsseekers

Bottle 2780

was Tossed by Team Dirty Face

Bottle 2678

was Tossed by Teena Apollo ferry

Bottle 2717

was Tossed by Jaxon Bulgin

Bottle 2251

was Tossed by Robbiec

Bottle 2689

was Tossed by Alicia & Stephanie Walsh

Bottle 3384

was Tossed by Tess

Bottle 2222

was Found by Newfoundsander Deadman's Bay beach, NL

Bottle 2725

was Tossed by Charlotte, Nathan & Steffi

Bottle 2321

was Tossed by Melissa Wakeling

Bottle 2211

was Tossed by Colby

Bottle 2776

was Tossed by Jamey Osmond

Bottle 2239

was Tossed by Heffernan Family

Bottle 3080

was Tossed by Dan O'connor

Bottle 3409

was Tossed by Debbie

Bottle 2583

was Tossed by Felicia Lewis

Bottle 2846

was Tossed by Dwight & Lindsey Lethbridge

Bottle 2235

was Tossed by Emily

Bottle 2365

was Tossed by Dallas Fowler

Bottle 2830

was Tossed by James Keats

Bottle 2150

was Tossed by David Caraccio

Bottle 2166

was Tossed by Cory And Angela

Bottle 2445

was Tossed by Luke Benoit

Bottle 2529

was Tossed by Cole Benoit

Bottle 2727

was Tossed by Brianna Young

Bottle 2592

was Tossed by Blair And Destiny

Bottle 2667

was Tossed by Clara

Bottle 2126

was Tossed by Colby Young Off Trinity, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland

Bottle 2269

was Tossed by Josephine Leyte

Bottle 2539

was Tossed by