Glass Bottles

Our bottles are glass.Glass Bottle

We would not want you to think we are throwing plastic bottles into the ocean. As for man made glass in our oceans. Some of the most beautiful jewelry in the world is made from Sea Glass.  A man made gem touched by mother natures hand.

Glass has a very unique relationship with the ocean.

When you’re walking along the beach, you may have spotted some brightly colored, rock-like objects, or you may already be one of those who are enchanted by their gem-like appearance. Frosted and rounded, sea glass have been used in jewelry and the making of other decorative projects, like mosaics and jars for decades. They have many names, from ‘sea gems’ and ‘beach jewels’, to ‘mermaid’s tears’ and ‘sea pearls’.

Sea glass comes from shards of broken glass which originated as bottles, jars, glassware, table ware or even as the result of shipwrecks.

Glass shatters and is then tumbled, tossed around by the waves, weathered by salt water and friction with other materials in the sea until they obtain a glassy, etched and unique appearance.

Sea glass can be clear, white, green, blue, jade, aqua, amber and brown, but never shiny. The slick and glossy appearance of glass has slowly transformed over the years into its special, frosted look, especially when salt water leaches into the glass and when exposed to sun light. Sea glass also has no sharp edges, unless it has been broken.

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