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TossedAugust 19, 2016
NameThomas Fox
LocationIt was supposed to be cape spear but it was too windy and rocky so we asked some sailors on a US navy ship if they could throw it for us and they said they would. one of the guys is supposed to let me
Hobbyfishing and camping
Why Here?0
Message: Hello world!! I'm Thomas and i am 5 years old. I am visiting St.Johns Newfoundland and absolutely love it here, there's always so much to do and see here. we've been on many adventures and seen so many whales and puffins. The people here are all so friendly and i don't want to leave here. I actually told my mom that I would like to live here. Anyways to whomever finds this message I hope that one day you can visit Newfoundland and if you could pleases throw the bottle back in that would be amazing! Thank you!!