Bottle 2720

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Dec 03, 2019Hello Kersten and Kira! So glad you enjoyed the message! I meant to ask you if tossed the bottle back or kept it as a souvenir?

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TossedApril 12, 2015
NameNicole Collins
LocationRosemarkie Bay, in Rosemarkie Scotland
FromToronto, Canada
LivingUnited Kingdom
Why Here?Live here
Message: The world is ours to discover, and ours to cherish and keep safe. My message to you is simple..enjoy the land and the air and the sea for it is the stuff of life, and by including it into who you are, you become the whole world and so much more! I'm so glad we share this earth together : ) Happy trails to you! P.s. Please feel free to add your own message before sending this bottle back on its journey.
FoundJune 19, 2015
LocationHusby Strand, Dänemark
LivingLippstadt, Germany
Why Here?holiday
Message: Hello Nicole, rnrnI found your bottle :-)rnrnThanks for the nice and lovely massage. rnrnWe are surprise of the long distance of the bottle. rnrnWe would be happy to recive a massage from you. rnrnGreetings from DänmarkrnrnKersten and Kira (from Germany)