Bottle 3856

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Sep 08, 2015my e-mail: Hello Tim! I am so pleased that you found it & so quickly! I have just returned to Nova Scotia from your beautiful country. I threw the bottle in the Plymouth Harbor hoping that it would be found by someone local? I left my e-mail address if you wish to contact me further. I will be uploading a photo of myself very soon!
Sep 08, 2015I uploaded a photo of myself. Not sure what the other one if of however:)

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TossedSeptember 03, 2015
NameNatalie Rowter-Baird
LocationCornish Coast, Plymouth harbor, Cornwall, England
FromBanff Alberta, Canada
LivingBedford, Nova Scotia, Canada
HobbyTravelling, gardening, skiing, reading, hicking
Why Here?Holiday
Message: My Family name is ROWTER & we are descendants from Cornwall, UK! Our ancestor, Nimrod Rowter immigrated to Nova Scotia in 1823 & I am the 1st of his descendants to return to our homeland, however little is known as to why he left and/or the name of the ship that took him away from home. Can you help me? If this is found elsewhere I am so happy you found me and enjoy life!
FoundMay 09, 2016
NameTim Burne
LocationRoyal William Yard Marina, Plymouth Devon, UK
FromDehra Dun, India
LivingPlymouth, Devon
Why Here?Live here
Message: This bottle has now been re-launched in position 50; 15.0'N, 004:30.0'W in the English Channel about 5 nm south of Polperro, Cornwall on Saturday 30 April 2016. Good luck 3856!