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May 18, 2016thanks

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TossedMay 17, 2016
NameAndrej Gluhovic
LocationCanada, BC, Vancouver Island, Tofino, long beach.
FromSarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina
LivingTofino, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Hobbymaking home made books
Why Here?Live here
Message: Hello friends, greetings from Tofino. I love to learn about new culture, so if you decide to send a message using the internet. Thank you very much for your time I hope we can become great friends. See you soon, ( I hope.) :)
FoundMay 18, 2016
NameSamantha Monckton
LocationCox Bay, Tofino BC
HobbyPlaying different instruments
Why Here?holiday
Message: Hi! I found your bottle when I was walking the dog! Very cool! Even if it just made it up the beach it's still pretty awesome. I'm going to send it on its way again today. As far as learning anything new, Vancouver is beautiful but much busier than life in Tofino! We are on Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil- Waututh First Nations territory. That would be a good thing for you to look up! rnrnOk hope this message gets to you and let's see where it goes next! I sent it out pretty far when I went boogie boarding. :)
FoundJune 26, 2016
NameReed platenius
LocationHesquiat point tofino be Canada
LivingTofino bc
HobbySurfing soccer cooking
Why Here?Live here
Message: We were up the coast surfing and decided to go for a quick hike down the beach i saw the bottle and said to my dad I bet this is from Sanoa Olin my sisters friend and sure enough it said Sonoa on it. Reed platenius 12 years old lives in tofino bc Canada