Bottle 4170

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Aug 07, 2014Thanks Can you re launch it after it dries! Nice to meet you

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TossedAugust 01, 2014
LocationPrince Edward Island, Canada the small town of Cavendish p
FromCalgary AB
LivingCalgary AB
HobbySports, Education relaxing and throwing bottles into the ocean
Why Here?Holiday
Message: Hello there lucky people you have found the bottle I have thrown into the ocean from pei Canada while my family of four are vacationing here we are originally from Calgary Canada. Please do exactly what the instructions tell so then I can see where it landed up then throw it in the ocean again EMAIL us that u found the bottle :D
FoundAugust 06, 2014
LocationTidnish,Nova Scotia
Message: Our cottage is on the Northumberland Straight, at Seagrove Beach near Tidnish Crossroads. We were strolling along the beach and looking for beach glass when we found your bottle. The message was damp so we're drying it out before we resend.