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TossedNovember 23, 2014
NameLinda Hoogstins
LocationLong Beach Tofino BC Canada
FromChorley. Lancashire. UK
LivingVancouver BC Canada
HobbyMaple Ridge BC
Why Here?Holiday
Message: Today marks 1 year since my mum passed away.. She loved the ocean.. The bigger the waves the better.. Her favourite place in the world was Bude, Cornwall England. I wonder if this bottle will get close? As I look over at the waves I think of a card I was drawn to in a gift store in Tofino" when grief feels like an ocean and sorrow comes in waves... Remember that the tide always recedes. And in time all rough edges are worn smooth.. I hope whoever finds this will also find healing in the waves as I have done so.. In my mums ( Maureen Hughes) memory.. Enjoy life was her mantra I hope you do too!