Bottle 5353

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Oct 28, 2015The bottle was originally
Oct 28, 2015throw from the ferry that goes from Digby NS to St.John NB.
Oct 28, 2015I have the bottle and did not throw it back as it would lhave washed back up in the same place. I will be on a boat in March in French Polynesia and can launch it from there or throw it in the Cape Cod canal the next time I head to the Cape. Please let me know your wishes.
Oct 28, 2015From Rich: Also, what is the end of your sentence about the "bottle was originally...."
Nov 05, 2015Dear Rich: I was just going to describe where it had been thrown. I updated this in the Castaway Location Description up above. Please do bring the bottle with you to French Polynesia, my daughter would of loved the thought of her bottle traveling so far. God Bless! And please let us know if you are bring it with you!
Apr 01, 2016We are in Bora Bora and will cast the bottle away today while on snorkeling trip.
Apr 02, 2016April 1, 2016: This bottle was relaunched off of the coast of Bora Bora, in French Polynesia, by Richard Rediker.
Apr 17, 2016Thank You very much Richard! It was great hearing from you! Hope you have a great trip.
Apr 17, 2016And Richard those are great pictures!
Apr 18, 2016Here is a link to a video of the re-casting of the bottle off the coast of Bora Bora on April 1, 2016: Ceremony.wmv?dl=0

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FoundOctober 09, 2015
NameKathy Bird
LocationRace Point, MA
Why Here?holiday
Message: Awesome beachcombing trip today: whales, baby seals, awesome rocks...and a message!
FoundOctober 11, 2015
NameRichard Rediker
LocationNewcomb Hollow Beach, Wellfleet, MA
Message: Where was this bottle launched from?