Bottle 5440

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TossedMay 04, 2014
NameAjdin and Landon
LocationPrivate beach in Borden , Pei
FromSummerside , Pei
LivingSummerside , pei
Hobbyhiking , running , play with friends , reading
Why Here?Live here
Message: Hi I guess u r the lucky that found the bottle, please throw it back jn a watter so it can continue to travel . Thanks
FoundAugust 12, 2014
NameColby Noonan
LocationAmherst Cove, Borden-Carleton PEI
Why Here?Live here
Message: The bottle didn't float very far but it was out in the water a long time. My Grammy and me found it on the beach July 31. That was my Grammy's birthday. My friend Alex from the US and me will put it back in the water tomorrow. Aug 13,2014. It was a bit wet so Grammy put some packaging tape on it and sealed the bottle.
FoundSeptember 07, 2014
NameGeorge Read
LocationAmherst Cove
FromBorden-Carleton PEI
Why Here?Live here
Message: I found this bottle on the dike, Amherst Cove. I released it from the SCI jetty
FoundSeptember 11, 2014
LocationOff borden