Bottle 6612

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Mar 08, 2016This bottle has finaly cross the atlantic in 20 month and reached europe in biscay bay

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TossedJuly 14, 2014
NameHannah and Connor Mercer
LocationBay Roberts - Cable Avenue, down a ways at Mad Rock.
Why Here?Holiday
Message: Hi! We are have a blast visiting our grandparents and family here in Newfoundland. We've had lots of adventures watching whales, seeing icebergs, catching caplin and much more! Tell us about your adventures!
FoundMarch 08, 2016
LocationBayonne France
FoundMarch 15, 2016
NameManuela e
LocationBayona Port
Message: This bottle was found in Bayona Port (France) and was thrown at sea in position 39º33´N 10º05´W (Portugal coast) by the Vessel called Manuela ernCongratulatios
FoundMay 12, 2016
Why Here?Live here
Message: Hemos encontrado una botella con una carta dentro. Ha sido encontrada en Mazagon, un pueblo de Huelva. Andalucia. España