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TossedJuly 28, 2014
NameBrett Lee
LocationShoal Cove is a quiet beautiful beach which is located in St. Lawrence, Newfoundland.
FromSt John's, Newfoundland, Canada
LivingGoulds, Newfoundland. Canada
HobbyDoing crafts, playing with Trash Packs, playing with my new Yorkie puppy, Miloh, and feeding the animals at my Nan's house.
Why Here?Holiday
Message: Awesome!You found my bottle!!!! My name is Brett Lee. I am 7 years old and going to grade 2. I live in Goulds, which is located in Newfoundland, Canada. My family along, with 2 other families, visited a town called St Lawrence for the weekend of Jul 26th-28th to see some family visiting from Ontario. 3 of us kids decided to do a message in a bottle and throw it in the Atlantic Ocean with hopes that it would be found! Hope to hear from you soon!