Bottle 6759

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Aug 05, 2016Thank you for finding my bottle and drying it out. i cant wait to see where it goes next.

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TossedJuly 23, 2016
NameSierra Collins
LocationCovehead Bridge. Prince Edward Island
FromBowling Green KY
LivingAuburndale FL
Why Here?Holiday
Message: Hi.I am so glad that you found my bottle. I am 8 years old and I am from Florida.I love coming to PEI for vacation.My mom grew up here. Please remember to seal the bottle tight and throw it back into the ocean so I can see how far it traveled.Thank you.
FoundAugust 05, 2016
LocationBlooming Point Beach
FromFredericton, NB
LivingCharlottetown, PEI
HobbyI love animals and am studying to be a Veterinarian!
Why Here?work
Message: Hi! I found your message in a bottle washed up on blooming point beach on July 27th. It was a bit wet inside the bottle so I had to take it home to let it dry out before I could get the message out.. My dog was very interested and was with me at the time of the discovery!