Bottle 7255

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Jun 29, 2015That is so awesome Logan!!! Did you cast the bottle away again? :)

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TossedJune 13, 2015
NameHayley, Brenden, Candice pollock
Location We decided to castaway our bottle on our way home back to Calgary. We are going to throw the bottle off of the ferry, between Nanaimo and Vancouver!!
Fromcalgary alberta
Livingcalgary alberta
HobbyTraveling, Camping and hanging out with our friends!!
Why Here?Holiday
Message: Hello!! We are so happy that you found our bottle! Please follow all the instructions and keep our bottle going around the world! Won't it be cool to see just how far this bottle can go?! Love Hayley 12years old and Brenden 10years old, Calgary, Alberta Canada.
FoundJune 17, 2015
LocationStanley park vancouver
Message: Found it by the loins gate bridge durin a run at low tide.rnrn