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TossedOctober 10, 2016
LocationRed Head Cove beach, Newfoundland, Canada
LivingRed Head Cove, NL Canada
Hobbydabbing, soccer, music and tap dancing
Why Here?Live here
Message: Stay awesome and cool! Remember to dab, bottle flip, and stay away from CLOWNS!!!!! also Please name the penguin!!!!!! :)
FoundAugust 16, 2020
NameMarius Miller
LocationWolfe's Island, NS
Why Here?Holiday
Message: Hi Brooklyn, Mya, Hillary and Hayley! My family and I were out kayaking and landed on Wolfe's Island, Nova Scotia to set up our tents for the night. Me and my brother Lukas got there first and were walking around, waiting for my mom, dad and sister when I found your bottle in the sand. First I thought someone had been partying or something but it was pretty cool when I realized what it was. Bottle flipping and dabbing are very fresh in my memory...I name the penguin Iggy after our dog and I'll throw the bottle in when I get the chance.