Bottle 9370

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Oct 19, 2017Thank you so much for responding Theresa and Jeff! We can't tell you how exciting it was to see your message. You never know throwing the bottle in the water if it will get lost washed up on a deserted beach and never seen again. Again thank you so much for logging on to report your find and for throwing the bottle back for its unknown adventures. :)

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TossedJuly 12, 2017
NameAyla & Nieve
LocationBC Ferry; Tsawwassen Route, Canada
Why Here?Holiday
Message: Two little girls wait hopefully, to find out what this bottle seas. We tossed it in and now we hope, to see where this bottle will float! This bottle was a gift from a loving aunt to two beautiful little girls. Tossing it off the ferry into the unknown was an exciting opportunity and we sure hope it is found and thrown back for more adventures to come. Imagine the adventures this bottle could tell you about!
FoundAugust 01, 2017
NameTheresa and Jeff
LocationRocky Bay, NE area of San Juan Island, WA
FromSeattle, WA
LivingSeattle, WA
Why Here?holiday
Message: While out fishing today, we were really excited to find your message in a bottle floating in the water. We enjoyed catching your bottle more than any fish. Tomorrow, we will put it back in the water where there is a nice current to carry it for exciting adventures unknown.