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TossedAugust 03, 2017
LocationNL, Canada Twillingate The GPS coordinates:(49.599007, -54.696273)
HobbyDance, art, athletic things
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Message: This bottle was castaway in Newfoundland while I was on vacation with my family from a small town near Toronto. Keep reading if you have found my bottle! CONGRATULATIONS! You are the lucky finder of my bottle! I hope you know how special you are and that even though things may seem bad right now that everything will be all right. I'm not too sure what year it is for you but for me currently 2017. I am ten years old. Have fun with throwing the bottle back out there!😀 Hey! I just checked in in 2019! No one has found it... yet! I am now 12 years old turning 13 in a few weeks! Looking back and reading my message was so fun! Though I'm not sure why I assumed that things in your life are bad... Anyway, hopefully someone finds it soon! Make sure you comment and tell me about your experience!! :)