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Aug 23, 2016Thanks, Tiana! I just ordered your book on Amazon. Looks cool!

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FoundAugust 18, 2016
NameNeena and Owen
LocationShoal Bay, Lopez Island
HobbyDrawing, costume making, playing video games, and Owen loves internet memes
Why Here?holiday
Message: Your birthday is August 19th? Happy almost-birthday! Good luck with your novels!! We hope we can read them someday. To get your bottle further we're sending it off in Anacortes.
FoundAugust 19, 2016
NameTiana Warner
LocationWhite Rock, BC
LivingWhite Rock, BC
HobbyWriting books and being a mermaid
Why Here?Live here
Message: Found by a mermaid! Actually a human girl who writes about mermaids, but close enough. Keep on writing, Stella, that's awesome you're also an aspiring author. Look me up if you have questions about writing/publishing your books!