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TossedApril 24, 2017
NameJennifer Brown
LocationSome where in the Atlantic Ocean from a fishing boat of the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.
FromClarenville Newfoundland
LivingClarenville Newfoundland
HobbyTravel, Adventure, Sports
Why Here?Live here
Message: AHOY MATEY! We've landed. This bottle has sailed the seas, seeing the worlds magnificent sites and its beautiful people and creatures. Yes! You are one of the those beautiful people! Always remember that and life life to the fullest. Follow your dreams, stay true to your self and make time for those you love. Those are what makes life go around. But always remember to live for you. You are awesome in every way and your contribution to this earth is immeasurable!
FoundApril 11, 2018
Namemia and Fabienne
FromAntwerp, Belgium
LivingSouth of France
Why Here?holiday
Message: Hi Jennifer,rn30 mars 2018 was a beautifull day ! We found your bottle on the beach!!